Royal Furry Friends


Photo by Kimi Watanabe

Libby smiles on a very cool walk.

Adriana Arroyo, Staff Writer

Maybe stay-at-home orders are not our favorite, but every day is a new adventure for our furry friends now that we’re always at home. The endless pets and cuddles are definitely every pup’s favorite part of quarantine, and I’m sure our dogs have never been happier. Let’s meet some of our adorable furry friends here at Rosary and appreciate everything they’ve done for us this past year.

Dixie enjoying a day at the beach. Photo by Sarah Badawi

First up, we have junior Sarah Badawi’s dog, Dixie. Dixie is a nine-year-old Sheepadoodle and is originally from Texas. “Dixie is deathly afraid of tiny dogs even though she’s a pretty big girl, and she always runs away from them if we see them on our walks,” Sarah said. Although Sarah and Dixie stay clear of small pups when they go out, nothing matters when Dixie is at her favorite place: the beach. “Throughout quarantine, my family has taken Dixie to the beach a lot. She loves it there and chases any seagulls in sight when she gets the chance,” Sarah shared.

Libby smiling on a very cool walk. Photo by Kimi Watanabe
Millie had a little too much fun in the mud. (Photo by Kimi Watanabe)

Next are sophomore Kimi Watanabe’s dogs, Millie and Libby. Millie is an eleven-month-old Jack Russel Terrier, and Libby is a three-year-old Labrador Retriever. “Millie is extremely naughty and likes to get into things she’s not supposed to, whereas Libby is calm and loves to play fetch,” Kimi shared. Over quarantine, Kimi has spent a lot of time walking and playing with her dogs as well as trying to keep Millie out of the mud.

Jaydee enjoying some time at the park. Photo by Trista Verne

We also have sophomore Trista Verne’s dog, Jaydee, who is a four-year-old Weimaraner. “Something fun and somewhat weird about Jaydee is that she likes cat food better than her normal dog food. My cat always gets mad because Jaydee eats all of her food,” Trista said. Trista also shared how Jaydee doesn’t prefer cuddles and hugs but would rather spend time outdoors, “Over quarantine, I’ve taken Jaydee on walks at the park, and she seems to really love it there. Walking not only makes her happy but is also helping her with her diet and her health,” Trista said.

Luna is ready for pets and cuddles. Photo by Elena Walz

Another cute pup is junior Elena Walz’s three-year-old Mini Chocolate Labradoodle, Luna. Luna is named after Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter movies, and she is very friendly. Elena shared some fun facts about Luna and said, “Luna was the only girl in her litter but she has seven brothers. Luna also loves to be with people, and chase birds. Over quarantine, Luna and I have started going on a lot of runs,” Elena shared.

Lucy gives the camera a wink. Photo by Emma Silva

Last but not least, there is sophomore Emma Silva’s miniature Dachshund, Lucy. Lucy is five years old and according to Emma, “She is the most cuddly dog ever.” Although Lucy loves all kinds of attention, she doesn’t really like to be around other dogs, “Lucy likes it when she’s the only cute dog around. She also loves being petted and played with,” Emma shared. Over quarantine, Lucy has developed the cutest habit of burying herself in fresh laundry and pillows and loving her bedtime routine.

All of these adorable dogs are making the world a better place, especially during these times. Make sure to hug your furry friend and tell them how much you love them after this read. If the Royal Reporter should meet your dog, make sure to let us know! I would love to write more about these cute furry friends.