Spotify Wrapped: An Exposé


You can never listen to too much Harry. Photo Credit: Trista Verne

Emma Silva, Staff Writer

Raise your hand if you felt personally victimized by Spotify Wrapped or Apple Music Replay.


My Apple Music Replay (yes, Apple Music, I have taste) decided to expose my worst musical vices. Not to mention showing the world the songs that I bawl my eyes to.

Apple Music decided to remind me that I have listened to “Folklore” by Taylor Swift 645 times. Or how I played “To Be So Lonely” by Harry Styles 112 times. But the worst of all, is the fact that 29 out of 100 of my top songs were by Taylor Swift.

Folklore has officially made my favorite albums ever list. Photo Credit: Emma Silva


As a truly serious investigative journalist, I decided to ask my closest friends if their beans were spilled by their respective streaming services.

Sophomore Trista Verne was reminded over her 495 streams of “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. Trista said, “There was no need to remind me of that. Spotify knows that’s my crying song and exploited my weakness.”


Or how about Maya Davis ’23, who Spotify reminded that “Yummy” by Justin Beiber was her number 3 song of the year. Maya said, “I swear I only listened to it twice, but I couldn’t post my wrapped because I was so ashamed.” Sure, Maya, Sure.


Not to mention poor Adriana Arroyo ’23 who had to be reminded of her obsessive listening of Gus Dapperton. Adriana commented, “Beyond Amends was my top song. Spotify knows that’s my crying song. They wanna see me fail. I swear they are laughing at my misery in their headquarters.”


As much fun as getting your Spotify wrapped is, we can all admit it is incredibly embarrassing to see just how often you listened to that *one* song. Maybe the Twilight soundtrack filled your year, or the Glee Cast, or even just hours on hours of your favorite song.


But isn’t that the great part about listening to music? We can have fun with it. 2020 has been rough, Royals, but at least we can play that one, albeit embarrassing song, to help us escape.