There Are At Least 3 Good Christmas Movies on Netflix

Santa has dropped a fresh batch of presents for us this holiday season: three amazing Netflix original movies.
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Santa has dropped a fresh batch of presents for us this holiday season: three amazing Netflix original movies. Photo location:

Anna Jordan, Staff Writer

As someone with a short attention span, I feel the need to watch or listen to something while doing any task throughout my day; whether it’s getting dressed, doing math homework, or even writing this article, I likely have a video, movie, or show to accompany me.

Now with finals around the corner, I’m studying more than ever, which means more media to help me stay put while I prepare for my exams— and what better to help motivate me to study with care than getting excited for Christmas with some good ol’ fashioned Christmas tales on Netflix. I don’t know about you, but looking for something to watch takes up exponentially more time that I could be using to study, and Netflix seemingly has endless original movies and shows that completely overtake the actual featured movies. However, don’t worry, I have some hidden gems to get you in the Christmas spirit, all of which are Netflix originals and may help you get through the stress of exam time.

If you’re the kind of person that loves classic tropes, Hallmark-style Christmas movies with a happy ending, and cheesy-but-genuine emphasis on the meaning of Christmas, look no further than “A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish.” Featuring the wonderful leading talents of former Disney stars Laura Marano ( famous for “Austin & Ally” and “Bad Hair Day”) and Greg Sulkin (featured in “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “Avalon High”), this movie recounts the journey of Marano’s character, Kat, trying to achieve success as a singing and songwriting sensation. Following the classic Cinderella ideology, Kat works constantly with her best friend at her local mall’s Santa Land as a singing elf while doing singing grams on the side– only for her greedy stepmother to snatch it away to fuel her and the stepsisters’ expensive tastes. However, Kat’s luck takes a turn for the best when a new Santa joins the mall— a cute Santa. Her mystery man falls fast, only he turns out to be one of the most popular jocks in school, Dominic Wintergarden, though he still doesn’t recognize Kat with her elf costume and newfound confidence in her anonymity. Can Kat achieve her dream of singing fame and manage to capture the love of Dominic— even if he learns who she really is? Also, did I mention… it’s a musical! That’s right, baby, fully grown adults playing teenagers singing about the true meaning of Christmas and wanting to fit in— what more could you ever want from a corny Christmas movie?

Hey, maybe you’re the kind of person that enjoys something a little less corny but still romantic and Christmas-y. Maybe try “Let It Snow,” the 2019 film-adaptation of the 2008 novel by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Rainbow Rowell. Both the book and the movie feature three different perspectives of the same snowstorm that hits a small town in the Midwest, thus bringing the budding romances of a small group of teenagers together on Christmas. With leading ladies including Isabela Moner (“Dora and the Lost City of Gold”) and Kiernan Shipka (“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”), and with leading men such as Mitchell Hope (“Descendants”) and Shameik Moore (“Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse), this movie is bound to have endless relatable moments and romance that leaves you thinking, “Why am I not snowed into a small-town waffle restaurant with a random cutie that can take my mind off of the six final exams I’m currently studying for until my butt goes numb from sitting in this chair?”

The “Let It Snow” cast members like Isabela Moner (see above) provide a wonderful Christmas romance filled with adorable happy endings.
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Now, let me tell you, this next movie is not for the faint of heart. It is so cute that I could literally feel my heart crying in my chest as I grossly sobbed after completing the movie— no exaggerations included. The gut-wrenchingly adorable movie I am cleverly suspending over your head is the 2019 animated masterpiece Klaus, featuring the wonderful talents of Jason Schwartzman (“Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World”), J. K. Simmons (“Whiplash”), and Rashida Jones (“Parks & Recreation”). I have endless good things to day about this movie, and the charming plotline is just one of them. “Klaus” tells the origin story of the legend of Santa Claus through the Emperor Kuzco-esque eyes of Jesper Johansson, the lazy and entitled son of the Postmaster General. As a punishment for his lack of effort in mailman schooling, Jesper is banished to the foggy and freezing island town of Smeerensburg where no mail is sent due to the town’s tradition of grudges ruins peaceful communication. Desperate to find a way out of this seaside warring town, Jesper enlists an uneasy alliance with the reclusive and intimidating toymaker, Mr. Klaus, in order to get children to send letters asking for toys. Watching this movie provide etiologies for every single tradition of Santa’s lore with a deeply endearing style of animation leaves for a wonderful Christmas tale (and you might sob along the way, so be warned).

Trust me, all three of these are worth the watch in these final days before finals. If you’ve got the time, throw on a blanket, open up your laptop, and brew yourself a mug of hot chocolate, because these movies will leave you ready for magical December 25th. Happy holidays!