Coping with a Breakup during Quarantine


Photo Credits: Gia Espejo '23

Gia enjoying an evening with friends Adriana Arroyo ’23 and Vaishali Gupta ’23.

Daniela Arias, Staff Writer

Under the circumstances of COVID-19, quarantine has allowed for multiple relationships to both begin and end. Being isolated and unable to do things that would normally help people cope can make the process of a breakup more strenuous than it already is.

Multiple Royals have learned to adapt under the circumstances of quarantine and take on new forms of recovery to help through their heartbreak.

Gia Espejo ’23 recently got out of a relationship and shared what she has been doing to cope: “Honestly I have been devoting more time to my friends and detoxing from social media.”

She believes spending time with friends is crucial in the coping process saying, “Quality time with my friends really showed me the value of friendship and how amazing sisterhood can be when one of us is down.”

Emily and Cayla Castaneda ’22 posing during a running break. (Photo Credits: Emily Lopez ’22)


Gia went on to further explain why exactly a detox from social media is helping her subsist by saying, “Not having the accessibility to see a window of his life really helped my mind to recollect itself. It gave me a sense of freedom, almost as if I was releasing myself.”

Alongside Gia, Emily Lopez ’22 also shared things that she found solace in after her breakup. Emily explained that she began asserting herself into her own self-care, specifically exercising.

Emily also shared that she began journaling and described how it helped her coping process. Emily stated, “I realized journaling allowed me to focus on my emotions and truly confront them, which lead to me becoming progressively happier.”

Although quarantine can make the process of a breakup more arduous than it already is, it also allows for a person to discover multiple different ways to cope for the future.