Can’t Focus? Here Are Some Tunes!

Music can be a wonderful way to get through a stressful time like finals.
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Music can be a wonderful way to get through a stressful time like finals. Photo location:

Anna Jordan, Staff Writer

I know it’s rough to think about, but finals are here. But before you freak out, I have something that can completely change the way you study over these next couple weeks: top tier study music. Now, when I think of study music, I think mostly easygoing beats, no lyrics (if possible), and still actually worth listening to– if you don’t like what you’re listening to, it will distract you even more.

And so, with my vast knowledge and hours spent searching for music that I actually enjoy but can still use to focus on my work, I have collected one classical composer, a cover band, a playlist, and a livestream to offer to your next several hours of studying. And remember, sometimes studying in silence is best for the subject you’re struggling with, so know your limits.

For the people that enjoy piano during studying, I have a few artists with vast discographies to sort through for those deep study sessions.

Debussy is a known classical powerhouse with hits like “Clair de Lune” highlighting his repertoire.
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If you tend to enjoy classical piano over modern or soundtrack compositions, take a look at Debussy’s works for your studying needs. His music tends to be romantic, tentative, and subtle, which makes for the perfect combination of enjoyable and not overpowering. He is definitely a gateway experience of classical composers, so if you’re interested in exploring piano from the 18th to 19th centuries but don’t know where to start, Debussy offers a quieter glimpse into what the classics have to offer.

Let’s say you hate piano and it bores you to death (or you love it so much that every time you listen to it, you get too hyper). Well, I have a couple artists to take a look at if lo-fi is more your style.

For something more simple and less emotional than Debussy, look no further than the fine musical workings of Sweet Little Band. Sweet Little Band specializes in taking famous musicians’ greatest hits and turning them into lullabies for children. Their renditions include covers of Elvis, Coldplay, Guns N’ Roses, Harry Styles, Queen, Taylor Swift, and many more, as their works stretch back till 2002 with several albums a year.

When asked why she enjoys listening to these lullabies, Serena Park ’21 explained, “I like listening to these albums while studying because it has some of my favorite songs but because they’re the lullaby versions I don’t get as distracted by the lyrics. Also, the artist has a ton of lullaby coves of so many artists and they help me stay on task.” If you take a look at their covers, you’re bound to find one of your favorites in there, so make sure to look at them these next couple weeks.

If you need some variety, Spotify’s Peaceful Piano playlist and ChilledCow’s several ongoing livestreams on YouTube are both excellent sources of many types of music to focus to. The Peaceful Piano playlist is updated often with new compositions to relax your stressful studying, and it’s also a great way to figure out which composers you enjoy– plus, Spotify is free with ads, so there’s no cost off your wallet to keep up great study habits. If you enjoy lo-fi instead of piano, ChilledCow has two ongoing 24/7 livestreams of lo-fi beats completely dedicated to helping students get through studying. Not only that, but they have several past videos and livestreams with even more music to choose from.

Remember that finals, though they can be stressful , mark the end of the semester and the beginning of vacation. So don’t worry; even if you have seven finals to study for, you certainly have many options of music to choose from to help you make it Christmas break. Do your best to get some good sleep, hydrate, and avoid procrastination. Christmas is almost here!