A Long List of Thank You’s


Photo by Adriana Arroyo

Adriana Arroyo’ 23 and Emma Silva’ 23 pose for a cute photo.

Adriana Arroyo, Staff Writer

During this season, I am most thankful for my friends. I’m thankful for the endless laughs and fun nights and long talks. I’m thankful for the dance parties and the makeovers and the workout sessions. I’m thankful for the shoulders I have to cry on and the people who will walk miles to make sure I have a smile on my face. I’m thankful for the rock collection show and tells I get from Emma Silva’ 23 in almost every other English class. I’m thankful for the way Trista Verne’ 23 gives me some variation of a hug every time I pass her in the hallway.

Justine Avalos’ 23 and Trista Verne’ 23 laughing together after a football game last year. Photo by Adriana Arroyo

I’m thankful for Justine Avalos’23 and how excited she gets over the little things, like slushies and having the aux cord on long car rides. I’m thankful for Danica Silvestri’ 23 for sharing her cookie with me the other day. I’m thankful for Vaishali Gupta’ 23 and how she calls me ‘Adri’. I’m thankful for the way Maya Davis’23 always laughs at my jokes, no matter how not funny they are. I’m thankful for Emma Vasquez’ 23 for telling me where she got her fuzzy socks from last week. I’m thankful for Sarah Badawi’ 22 because she gave me a big air hug and told me that I did great on a really hard chemistry test (let’s hope she’s psychic.) I’m thankful for Elena Walz’ 22 for always encouraging me to do my best, no matter how hard it is.

Elena Walz’ 22 and Adriana Arroyo’ 23 after practice. Photo by Adriana Arroyo

I’m thankful for the way Kimi Watanabe’ 23 always says ‘hey!’ every time I show up to class. I’m thankful for Megan Mendonca’ 23 for texting me personally to tell me how much she likes my pictures on VSCO. I’m thankful for Sienna Rose Regalado’ 23, Cadiz Salazar’23, and Kendall Clarida’ 23 for doing such an amazing job on ASB, and encouraging me to be the best I possibly can every day. I’m thankful for Kate Rosales’ 23 and the way we laugh together. I’m thankful for Charlotte Jordan’ 23 for making math class fun. I’m thankful for Anna Jordan’ 23 for somehow convincing me to watch the 2002 Scooby-Doo movie. I’m thankful for Gia Espejo’ 23 for telling me I’m one of the strongest people she knows.

Gia Espejo’ 23 and Adriana Arroyo’ 23 pose for a selfie. Photo by Adriana Arroyo

I’m thankful for Bridgette Sanders’ 23 for being one of the nicest people I know. I’m thankful for Daniella Arias’ 23 for always asking for my opinion for her hard-hitting articles. I’m thankful for how passionate Sam Guerrero’23 is about pretty much everything. I’m thankful for Anabella Baretto’ 23 and how sweet she is. I’m thankful for Sarah Bradford’ 23 for dancing with me at parties. I’m especially thankful for my neighbors who unfortunately don’t attend Rosary, Anette Ocampo and Zachary Woods, for being such amazing, genuine friends.

The list goes on and on. If I could name every person who has put a smile on my face and makes every single part of my life better, I don’t think I would be able to finish this article. I’m lucky to be blessed with such amazing people around me every day. Make sure you let your friends, family, and loved ones know how grateful you are for them this Thanksgiving season. Happy Holidays everyone.