There is Too Much To Be Thankful For


The agony on not knowing what to write about is taking a toll on me. Photo credit: Emma Silva

Emma Silva, Staff Writer

I have several awful habits. Two of the worst are my constant complaining and inability to fall asleep. However, both of those things have led this article to fruition.

Ms. Barclay told me to write an article on what I am thankful for. So naturally, I began scheming, specifically at three a.m. when my body refuse to sleep.  Should I rant about how thankful I am for the existence of Harry Styles? How he is not only gorgeous, but also a genius musician/songwriter?

Or maybe Star Wars? How it is the topic of conversation for the vast majority of my facetime calls to one of my best friends, and how it sparked my love for movies. Not to mention how it gives me the means to escape to a reality where I am a Jedi Knight.

What about Diet Coke and Yerba Mates? How they provide me with a much needed boost of caffeine to get through the parts of my day that I am not so thankful for?

Maybe I should be sappy. Talk about how I am so thankful for my amazing friends, who listen to me laugh, cry, and scream (usually all in the span of eight minutes). How they will listen to my rants, and let me be myself unapologetically.

Or maybe my family?. My brother always comes over on Friday to watch The Mandalorian with me, making me smile. My sisters always make me laugh, no matter how much we argue over clothes. And how could I not write about my parents? They always support me and push me to be the best I can be.

I could even write about how I am thankful for the Rosary community. How my teammates always make me smile, and how my teachers always support me. How the entire school has provided me an environment where I am comfortable.

This assignment just got a whole lot harder. I can’t finish this in time. I have to talk about all of my random hyper-fixations, all my friends, every teacher, and every family member. How in tarnation am I going to get this turned in on time.

Maybe I can write a super meta article, writing about my thoughts, and saying what I am thankful for in the process? No, that’s dumb.

I just can’t decide what to write about. Maybe Ms. Barclay will extend my deadline?

[Ms. Barclay is now editing this article and she will certainly NOT extend Emma’s deadline.]

My lack of sleep is only making my dilemma worse. Photo credit: Emma Silva

Uh oh. Deciding what to say on Thanksgiving when we do that thing where we go around saying what we are thankful for is going to be a nightmare.

Whatever. Guess I’ll sleep on it. Happy Thanksgiving, Royals. I hope you have a great post-turkey nap.