Seniors’ Kairos Experience


Photo Credits: Mr. Lyons

The seniors’ attend a socially distanced mass at Kairos.

Daniela Arias, Staff Writer

Each year the seniors venture off to Kairos, a three day spiritual retreat. Within these three days, seniors will experience a growth in faith, friendship, and self-love.

Despite COVID-19, the seniors still managed to safely attend Kairos and gain the touching experience offered by the retreat. 

Among the seniors that attended Kairos was Caroline Linton ’21.  Caroline described while on Kairos, she was able to strengthen her own faith and learn to prioritize it in her life. She stated, “The retreat provided me with a step outside the crazy, divided world and refocus my priorities on what truly matters: my relationships with myself, friends and family, and God.”

Caroline went on to say how Kairos strengthened the bond among her peers: “Sharing experiences and forming close bonds with my small group definitely has made me a better person and helped create a loving support system for years after Rosary.”

Seniors’ bond over an early morning breakfast at Kairos. (Photo Credits: Mr. Lyons)

Although skeptical and somber about not being able to have the traditional Kairos trip, Caroline was incredibly moved by her experience. She emphasized how impactful the experience was: “Kairos is an indescribable experience in which you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to the work of God and the love of your classmates. Kairos is a transformative journey that everyone, I mean EVERYONE, should attend.”

Alongside Caroline, Daphne Ruffier ’21 also attended Kairos. Daphne explained that Kairos allowed her to step away from everyday life and rediscover her faith. She further shared, “Spending those three days together forced us to open up to each other and grow spiritually and emotionally together.”

Daphne also explained that Kairos brought her a sense of fulfillment within herself: “It helped me realize many different things that I had not taken time to think about before. When I left Kairos, I was ready to make changes to my everyday life and to help others do the same.”

In spite of COVID-19 and the strict safety precautions taken, the Kairos experience still managed to heavily impact the seniors’ faith, bonds, and fulfillment in themselves.