Fall Showcase and Thespian Induction


Photo Provided by Alicia Dofelmier

Trinitas’ Acting 2 class takes a bow.

Alicia Dofelmier, Contributor

On Thursday, October 22nd, Trinitas Arts Conservatory, or TAC, held its annual Fall Showcase. Students from Acting I, Acting II, Musical Theatre, Advanced Tech, and Stage Management were all able to show off what they had been working on for the past 7 weeks. While there couldn’t be a live audience due to COVID-19, the showcase was filmed, and a YouTube link was sent out to students so their families and friends could watch the showcase. The Royal Reporter went around to various students who performed to see what they thought of the showcase.

Acting I performed first, and they showed off various exercises that they had been working on. When asked about the performance, Karissa Garcia ‘23 said, “It was relieving and nice to finally show off our work to an audience.”

Acting 1 class takes the stage. (Photo Provided by Alicia Dofelmier)

Next up was Acting II, and even though the class only consists of three people, they were still incredible. Bridgette Sanders ‘23 shared, “It was so nice to be back on stage with my friends in Acting II, and I feel that though everyone had to wear masks and remain socially distant, everybody delivered an amazing performance!”

The last performance of the night was Musical Theatre, and it was truly amazing to see the progress that they had made in a few short weeks. When asked what she liked best about showcase, Cadiz Salazar ‘23 said, “The two things that I liked best about my musical theatre conservatory experience were the growth in my confidence and the sense of support that I had. Erin always helped me reach my full potential with both my acting and singing and it was always great to have my fellow classmates and friends encourage me as well as lift each other up anytime one of us performed.”

While there may have only been three performances, none of them would have been possible without Advanced Tech and Stage Management, who made sure that everything behind the scenes flowed smoothly, so everyone who was performing could look and sound their best. Sophia Kondo ‘22 who is a part of Advanced Tech said that her favorite part of the showcase was, “being able to try something new. I’ve never been in charge of bringing the main curtain and the other flys in and out. I also got to watch the showcase from my spot on the fly rail which was really interesting and we got to try our new wireless headsets.”

In the Stage Management class, Brianna Dreyer ‘22 did a fantastic job. Her favorite experience from showcase was “when [she] would say something into the intercom and see it happen on stage. Feeling in control and seeing things happen as [she] said them was an exhilarating experience.”

To close out the showcase was the Thespian Induction. Seven new members were inducted into Troup 4566: Gigi Coo, Karissa Garcia, Alyanah Gastinell, Caroline Herman, Jaden Linares, Maeve McNaughton, and Olivia Nicholas. Now that she is a Thespian Oliva Nicholas ‘23 is, “Looking forward to making new friends who have similar interests as [she does] and having the opportunity to be more involved with Trinitas.”

Thespians give each other a socially distant hug. (Photo Provided by Alicia Dofelmier)

When asked about his favorite part of the showcase, Mr. Marrone said, “I always look forward to hearing the students of the Musical Theatre class perform their songs. Erin takes a great deal of time to pick songs for each of her students, and by the time the students have worked on them for 7 classes, it’s always incredible to hear the progress they make.” Despite the lack of a live audience and the other new protocols that have had to be instituted as a result of COVID-19, Trinitas’ 2020 Fall Showcase was a success, and everyone who performed did a spectacular job!