Thespian Halloween Thriller

Alicia Dofelmier, Contributor

On Thursday, October 29th Trinitas Arts Conservatory, TAC, held its annual Thespian Halloween Party. The Thespian Board worked tirelessly to plan and execute a wonderful party for all the thespians to enjoy. Even though the party looked a bit different due to COVID, everyone had an enjoyable time catching up with each other, watching a movie, and experiencing a haunted theatre.

The party started off with dinner in Servite’s courtyard where everyone was able to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. Before heading into the theatre to watch a movie, there was a costume contest and the winners were Kealey Busch ‘21, Olivia Nicholas ‘23, and Karissa Garcia.

Kealey Busch decided to hand make her very own Elsa costume that blew everyone away. She told the Royal Reporter what it was like to make her costume, “I started making my dress in early August and spent many hours each week. The dress is entirely handmade, and I styled the wig myself. With the exception of the cape, I used materials and fabrics I found around the house. The crystal shards are all individually hand cut pieces of holographic wrapping paper! The dress itself did not take too long, but adding the embellishments, individual crystals, and the holographic shards took a while, but it was worth it. It was amazing to win the thespian costume contest and to see all the awesome costumes my friends wore!” If you see Kealey around campus be sure to compliment her on her spectacular costume. Congrats to all the costume contest winners!

After the costume contest everyone went into the theatre to watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” However, about 20 minutes into the movie, there was loud banging on the side doors leading into the theatre. Mr. Marrone went to investigate but there was no one there. Then, the movie started to pause in random places and suddenly there was loud stomping coming from the catwalk. Finally, just when everyone had been scared enough, the lights went out entirely, whistling and footsteps started coming from backstage, and then a clown jumped out from behind the stage curtains. Everyone started screaming but then the lights came back on and the clown was revealed to be Sam George ‘21. The Thespian Board was disappointed about not being able to do a Haunted Pit and instead decided to do a Haunted Theatre and they most definitely succeeded.

Claire Early ‘21 told the Royal Reporter how the Haunted Theatre truly required a lot of planning and how they had to do a run through the night before the party. She went on to say how grateful she was to “have such a dedicated and creative board that helped to make the haunted theatre a reality.” Also, props to Ryan for being brave enough to go up on the catwalk and stomp to scare everyone during the Haunted Theatre. When asked what he thought of the experience Ryan Bass ‘21 said, “It was scary yet exciting, the random creeks do scare you when you are supposed to be the only one up there.”

Once everyone had been thoroughly scared, the last part of the party was spent just hanging out with each other, and some people even went up on the stage to dance. When asked what her favorite part of the party was, Brianna Dreyer ‘22 said that, “It was nice getting to catch up with everyone that I hadn’t seen in a while.” Julia Herman ‘22 said that “I really enjoyed having fun with my friends even though it was different this year. I loved it when they blasted Halloween music and we all started dancing on the stage!”

Even though this year’s Thespian Halloween Party looked a little different due to COVID, due to the hard work of an incredible Thespian Board, everyone had an amazing time and got to experience a one of a kind Haunted Theatre.