God Almighty, Harry is so Golden


The long awaited day has come. Harry Styles released his music video for “Golden.” Side note: play this music video at my funeral.

I am shamelessly a massive Harry Styles fan. I was in second grade begging my parents to go to One Direction’s Take Me Home tour. I sobbed for three straight hours on the night of his first album as well as his second, “Fine Line”. So my excitement for this music video cannot be understated.

One of my greatest woes as a Harry Styles super-fan is having to put up with his cruel lack of social media presence. Luckily, over this Fine Line era, Harry and his team have created an interactive website for each single’s music video. Fan’s suspicion for a “Golden” music video rose when Harry was spotted driving around Italy being filmed back in July.

On October 23rd, Harry’s team posted the single’s cover with a simple caption of “GOLDEN.” However, he denied fans a date until a second teaser was posted on October 25th, when he let fans know they can expect the music video on the 26th. I was with my friends when the first teaser was released, and I think we screamed for a solid seven minutes.

At 9 AM PST, the long awaited video was released. The video features Styles running around Italy in his trademarked genderfluid style. Golden is a beautiful song with heartbreaking lyrics. Styles’ sings of heartbreak and finding his lover to be a soothing, golden presence in his life, as well as feeling insecure and scared to be alone.

His outfits consisted of some floral and flowy pants paired with a yellow fishermen’s hat; loose shorts with a large un-buttoned white shirt, paired with a gold cross chain; plaid, wide-legged pants, a button down, a teal jacket and a pearl necklace; a pair of trunks, the pearl necklace with beads saying “Golden” and a blue beaded necklace.

To say the video incited panic on campus would be an understatement. There is a certain likability about Harry that makes you want to know what he’s up to, no matter how big of a fan you are. I was in my Chemistry class during passing period when the video was released. I had my fingers crossed that the countdown would miraculously speed up so I would have enough time to watch the video before class.  As soon as it came out, I couldn’t hold back my squeals.

Getting ready for the video drop. Photo Credit: Trista Verne

After class, Emma Vasquez ’23 said, “I am in awe. How does he never fail to put me in shock?” I couldn’t agree more.

Sharing Golden with the family. Photo credit: Emma Vasquez

Trista Verne ’23 converted to being a Harry fan over quarantine and later commented, “Harry is so talented. He literally went to Italy and filmed a great music video with just a basic camera and no crew. I love the song, the video, and him.”

An actual screenshot of my texts to Trista from the day of the video release. Photo credit: Emma Silva

Harry Styles is a massive presence in the lives of teen girls today. For ten years, he has been being vocal about social issues, as well as breaking our hearts with his trademark smile and curls. It’s no surprise that his latest video did not disappoint. Harry, you’re so golden.