Your Horrorscope: What Your Favorite Halloween Movie Says About You

Your Horrorscope: What Your Favorite Halloween Movie Says About You

Emma Silva, Staff Writer

Halloween is upon us! And if you are anything like me, you are watching horror movies all night while eating fun-size Twix.  Everyone has a favorite spooky Halloween movie they find themselves watching every year. Here’s what your favorite Halloween movie says about you.


If your favorite scary movie is It, you are either a major Stranger Things fan, or you actually read the book. You don’t love scary movies, but you love a good comedy with a little bit of a scare. You ran a Finn Wolfhard fan account for a time, and would doodle “LOSER” on all your homework assignments when the movie first came out.  And if you liked It: Chapter Two, you either are obsessed with the first one, or you are a major SNL fan and watch exclusively for Bill Hader.

The Corpse Bride

You are a child at heart. You definitely did the Tik-Tok trend where you try to see what you would look like as a Tim Burton character. You probably also love The Nightmare Before Christmas. Your favorite ride at Disneyland is the Haunted Mansion. Not because it’s scary, but because you love the music.


If your favorite scary movie is Midsommar, you have a strong stomach. You think that Ari Aster is the director of our generation, and you love Florence Pugh. Your idea of a fun Saturday is going thrifting with your friends.  You watch indie movies all the time, and have watched dozens of YouTube videos on Easter eggs you missed while watching Midsommar.

The Silence of the Lambs

When you watch Thor, Odin will forever be Hannibal Lecter in your mind. You are a casual film enthusiast, and are signed up for the Urban Outfitters rewards program. You don’t love Halloween, but love that it gives you an excuse to watch this movie.


You have the Michael Myers mask. You are very courageous and listen to cold case podcasts. You will go to Knott’s Scary Farm un-phased. You don’t mess around. You can bite into an ice cream scoop with no problem. Dodgeball was the Olympics for you in middle school. You look danger in the face and laugh.

“I myself, am strange and unusual” Photo Credit: PixaBay


We’ve got another Tim Burton fan here. You love Winona Ryder, and I have no doubt in my mind that you have the Beetlejuice play soundtrack downloaded on your phone. You are probably a theater kid, and you either have seen the play, or would give anything to see it.

Ghost Busters

Who you gonna call? You’ve always wanted to drive the ECTO and have fantasized about moving to NYC at least once. You either loved or hated the remake or hated it, and will defend the bad CGI ghosts no matter what. You like the classics, and don’t love scary movies, you just like a fun halloween time.

Hocus Pocus

This movie was your favorite as a kid. When October rolled around and Disney Channel would show this movie, you were thrilled. You definitely say “sisters” in the witch voice. Most people casually enjoy movies, but you are obsessed with this one. You give your friends a hard time when you find out they haven’t watched it, and you always take the argument of Halloween over Christmas.

The Shining

“All Work No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”. You will never stop talking about the symbolism

in this movie. You think this was the psychological horror of the century. You for sure have shopped on Amazon for a shirt with the iconic carpet pattern on it. You like your scary movies to mess with your head. You claim to be “born in the wrong generation.” You for sure like Stephen King way too much.

Now, go make yourself some of those delicious Pillsbury cookies with the ghosts on them and turn on your favorite Halloween movie.