Trinitas’ Fall Conservatory Classes


Photo provided by Alicia Dofelmier

Ms. McNally, who teaches Trinitas Conservatory classes.

Alicia Dofelmier, Staff Writer

Every year Trinitas Arts Conservatory or TAC offers yearlong conservatory classes as well as fall, winter, and spring electives. This year TAC’s yearlong conservatories are Acting I, II, III/IV, Beginning Technical Theatre, Intermediate Technical Theatre, and Advanced Technical Theatre. The fall elective classes are Musical Theatre, Musical Theatre History Bash, and Stage Management. Each class is unique and the Royal Reporter went around to talk to both teachers and students who are a part of TAC’s conservatory classes to find out more about what each class entails.

First off, the Royal Reporter got the inside scoop on the yearlong conservatory classes that TAC offers. Acting I is taught by the wonderful Erin McNally.  Karissa Garcia ‘23 talked about what she enjoys about Acting I: “I like when Erin tells us to repeat after her and she says something in a strange way. Also I like the fact that we move around and have to improvise what we do and make choices.”

Acting II is taught by the one and only Mr. Marrone himself. Lindsay Wippler’s ‘22 favorite part about the class is, “when we’re digging deep into a character and one of us finds a gem that really makes the characterization complete.”

Acting III/IV is two acting classes combined into one and is taught by the highly talented Michael Betts.  Katie Thomas ‘22 shared with the Royal Reporter her thoughts on this fantastic class. Katie said that her favorite part of the class is, “the camaraderie we’ve already built because I feel like we’ve grown super close through the work we’ve been doing and I can’t wait to continue that work through the rest of the year.”

Mr. Betts, Trinitas Conservatory Teacher (Photo Provided by Alicia Dofelmier)

Beginning Technical Theatre is taught by Melia Gonzlez, Intermediate Technical Theatre is taught by Michael Ritchey, and Advanced Technical Theatre is taught by Issac Gleason. When asked about her favorite part of Advanced Technical Theatre, Sophia Kondo ‘22 stated, “My favorite part is getting to learn how to use all of the tools backstage to build the sets and I love learning how to use the light and sound boards which we use in the shows.”

Moving on to fall electives we have Musical Theatre which is taught by Erin McNally, Musical Theatre History Bash, which is taught by Mr. Marrone, and Stage Management, which is taught by Melia Gonzalez. Anna DiCrisi ‘22’s favorite part about Musical Theatre is, “the fact that I really get to work on a solo song. Also, I get to really pull apart and perfect a song, and getting a new song that I pull out of my back pocket for auditions is amazing.” If you see Anna in the halls make sure to tell her that she’s doing a great job singing Vanilla Ice Cream.

Something that Jojo Watson ‘22 loves about Musical Theatre Scene Study is, “that Mr. Marrone gives us really in-depth facts and stories about various moments in theater’s history that we might not be able to learn about on our own.”

Cadiz Salazar ’23 holding her sheet music for Musical Theatre class. Photo Provided by Alicia Dofelmier

Last but certainly not least we have Stage Management and Brianna Dreyer’s ’22 favorite part about the class is, “learning how to stage manage ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ which I was recently cast in, so I’m getting to learn about the stage managing aspect of a show that I’m going to perform in.”

With all of these awesome classes to choose from, the Royal Reporter hopes it was able to make your life a bit easier by showing you what each of these classes entails. And, if you know anyone who is taking a Conservatory class make sure to cheer them on as the Fall Showcase is coming up. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of the people that the Royal Reporter interviewed if you have further questions about any of the different classes being offered at Trinitas Arts Conservatory.