How Royals Stay Motivated


Photo by Emma Silva

Emma Silva’ 23 motivates herself to finish assignments by writing down her homework on note cards.

Adriana Arroyo, Staff Writer

Staying motivated is a very challenging task. Whether it’s completing chores, doing homework, or practicing a certain skill, motivation is a key component in getting things done successfully.

During these unprecedented times of learning from home and completing school work online, it is easy to lack motivation and even fall behind in your classes. Personally, I tend to procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get my assignments done, so I asked some Royals for advice on how they stay motivated to do their best in school.

Emma Vasquez’ 23 feels the least motivated when she knows she has many things to get done, and she often decides to procrastinate instead. Nevertheless, Emma shared how she still manages to stay motivated to do her work, “Knowing that my assignments are due soon motivates me in a kind of nerve-wracking way. I know I have to work extra hard and put in my best work to get them done and turned-in on time. With online learning, it’s easy to fall behind on my work, but I try to stay motivated by looking on the bright side of things and hoping that everything will soon get back to normal.”

Emma Silva’ 23 tries to stay motivated by doing her work the day it’s assigned: “I always try to get my work done on the day I hear about it. When I do this, it feels like a small accomplishment and motivates me to get my other responsibilities done.” Emma is juggling several honors classes, her first AP, Water Polo, and being the leader of the Women’s Outreach Club. Emma shared how she balances her involvement in school and staying motivated in her daily life and said, “Honestly, I always try to set aside moments for myself to organize what I need to do and focus on staying motivated. Even though I’m involved in a lot of different things, it’s so important to have time to reflect alone.”

Charlotte Jordan’23 feels the least motivated to get work done when she has homework in all of her classes and feels overwhelmed. Although sometimes she has a lot to get done, Charlotte shared how she motivates herself: “I get motivated by asking my teachers for help and support, and by asking my friends for help if they are in my same situation. Asking people for help motivates me because I know other people want to help me get through hard tasks.” Charlotte is also involved in many difficult classes and is part of both the swim and triathlon team. Charlotte gave some advice as to how others can stay motivated to get their work done and said, “I stay motivated by keeping track of my progress and keeping my future in mind. It’s important to have a positive mindset about everything, and that’s how I ensure my success in both school and sports.”

Elena Walz’ 22 feels the least motivated when she has assignments that can be done at home because she can continue to put them off. “What motivates me is the fact that I know I feel better about myself physically and mentally when I can go to bed knowing I had a productive day. I try to stay motivated by reminding myself that when I keep busy, I am happier,” Elena shared.

Some other fun ways to stay motivated include writing things down in a planner, getting assignments done the day they are given, setting aside time throughout the day for some physical activity, and trying to cut down time on technology. These Royals are doing their best to stay motivated, and you can always look to them for advice on how you can too.