Celebrating Halloween Amid COVID-19


Photo Credits: Daniela Arias '23

Anna and Charlotte’s spooky movie night list shown above.

Daniela Arias, Staff Writer

Halloween is right around the corner, but amid COVID-19, it is difficult to decide how to celebrate. Trick-or-treating is advised against in both Los Angeles and Orange County, though there are still multiple alternatives to celebrate the holiday.

One way to safely celebrate Halloween 2020 is to stay in and have a spooky movie night. This movie-night can be exclusive to your family, be socially distanced and include an intimate group of friends, or even be over Zoom. You can buy candy, popcorn, and any other favored snacks and enjoy a night of classic Halloween movies.

Anna Jordan ’23 will be having a Halloween movie night alongside her sister Charlotte Jordan ’23. Anna stated, “We have made a list of our favorite Halloween movies and episodes to watch so we can still celebrate a little. We’re going to get our favorite candies and ice cream flavors and watch all of them in bed for the entire day.”

Another way to cautiously celebrate Halloween this year is to stay in and carve pumpkins. Pumpkin carving is a traditional Halloween festivity and can be a substitute for trick or treating this year. Rather than simply carving a pumpkin make it a competition among your family or friends with a reward of delicious spooky treats.

Urban Legends drive-through haunt at the OC fairgrounds. (Photo Credits: Daniela Arias ’23)

Rosary student Luna Miranda ’23 is going to be pumpkin carving on Halloween but with a twist. Luna shared, “My friend is hosting an intimate gathering, and we are going to dress up, watch a movie, and also carve pumpkins.” 

Finally, for those who crave a good scare, Orange County and Los Angeles County have multiple drive-through haunt attractions. At these drive-through haunts, you will have a similar experience to attending a theme park fright fest but be ensured with safety within your car.

The drive-through haunt at the OC fairgrounds as well as the Los Angeles hayride drive-through haunt are both very popular COVID-19 safe attractions.

It may be disappointing that trick-or-treating is put on hold this year, but remain safe and celebrate Halloween with these alternatives.