Teachers Embracing Change at Rosary


Photo Credits: Daniela Arias '23

Ms. Barclay strikes a pose during zoom classes.

Daniela Arias, Staff Writer

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, students across the nation have been introduced to hybrid learning. While students are still adapting to the new method, teachers are also beginning to become accustomed to it. 

Rosary teachers face the challenge of sorting school work for two cohorts, as well as teaching multiple classes both on and off-campus. Despite the difficulties teachers face,  they still manage to teach their students and make the best out of teaching under the less than ideal circumstances. 

Mr. Bevins discussing the Hybrid module over zoom. (Photo Credits: Daniela Arias ’23)

Rosary English teacher Mr. Bevins explained how he is coping with the changes caused by the hybrid module. He explains why the transition has been a bit difficult by stating, “As a teacher, I am stuck between taking class time to work through assignments, but with the shorter class times it is hard to get through the same material, but I also don’t want to give too much work for my students at home.”

Mr. Bevins went on to discuss his main goal through hybrid by saying, Honestly, my main goal is to make my class as interesting as possible, so the students have something interesting in their day.” He also offered a piece of advice to all Rosary students advising,  First, I would tell everyone what I always tell everyone — just try to do your best.  I will also say that I think the students need to understand that teachers are really trying to learn an entirely new style of teaching, so if you guys can be patient with us, that would be great.”

Another member of the English department, Ms. Barclay, shared her adjustment to hybrid. She explained that the transition has been a bit confusing when stating, “I have to constantly look at the calendar, then I get paranoid that I’ve gotten it wrong, and I have to look again, and the cycle continues.” Ms. Barclay further discussed her adjustments to the hybrid module by further sharing, “I have to remember this is temporary and it’s what is best for everyone’s safety right now.  That thought gets me through.  There’s nothing more important than our health, so a little inconvenience is worth it even if it sometimes feels stressful.”

As a piece of advice for all Rosary students she shared, “Most teachers are doing calendars by cohort, so students should look at those frequently and even make a master list of their homework/assignments weekly or even daily if they can.  Students should also stick to a routine on the days they are not physically on campus.”

Both Rosary students and teachers are doing their best possible to adjust to the hybrid module. Together, through hard work and effort, we can all work through these tough times in order to make the 2020-2021 school year the best it can possibly be.