Rosary & Servite’s Favorite Video Games During Quarantine


The opportunities of fun in Minecraft are endless. Photo by Anna Jordan

Anna Jordan, Staff Writer

Gaming is an extremely popular pastime for high school students at both Rosary and Servite, especially during quarantine. However, during the past eight months, there have been some outstanding games that connect young people all over the world. Rosary and Servite students have been playing three particular video games over the shelter-in-place: “Minecraft,” “Fall Guys,” and “Among Us.”


“Minecraft” is a sandbox game animated in 3-D with cubic pixel art. Players can find excitement in creative worlds where building anything with any material in the game is available.

If the gamer prefers more achievement-based gameplay, they can create a survival world, where the player works to build a base, defend themselves from monsters, and reach the end of the game where they can defeat the Ender Dragon.

“Minecraft” enchants many players, including Rosary student Charlotte Jordan ’23 who says, “I’ve loved ‘Minecraft’ for a very long time. It lets me be creative. I especially love survival worlds because you have to collect the materials yourself and it feels rewarding.”

I personally love playing “Minecraft” and try to play daily because it relaxes me and helps me unwind. If this sounds enticing to you, you can find it on the Apple App Store, Google Play, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Fall Guys

“Fall Guys” features brightly colored and whimsical animation.
Photo by Cristian Estrada

This 3-D videogame is a brightly-colored battle royale including 60 players. These players are animated as jellybean-shaped animal avatars that must complete several arcade-style rounds of random minigames until one player is left standing. Players can be eliminated by not meeting a requirement, falling off of the map, or being too slow (depending on the type of mini-game).

Servite student Alejandro Murillo ’23 regularly plays “Fall Guys” and says that he enjoys playing because, “Having a game that helps my friends and I socialize is great. We are all rooting for each other and encouraging others to win.”

This game is highly addictive and extremely competitive, so prepare to play it for hours on end. You can play this game on PC and PS4.

Among Us

“Among Us” is an exciting way to stay connected with friends.
Photo by Kyle Hogue

This online game requires teamwork and deductive reasoning to survive. One round can feature up to ten players that are looking for one or two imposters among the crewmates.

The game typically takes place in a space station where the crewmates attempt to complete tasks while rooting out the imposters who can travel through air vents, eliminate crewmates, and sabotage the ship. If the crewmates manage to eliminate the imposters or complete their tasks before the number of imposters reaches the number of crewmates, they win the game.

Players can use deception, cleverness, and psychology to win the game, but only if they trust their teammates. Kyle Hogue ’23 is a Servite student who loves “Among Us” who had this to comment about the game: “It’s like a fun little mini game that is easy to play. You can mess around just having fun in general.”

Another Servite student, James Prado ’23 has endless compliments for the game, saying, “I think it’s a really fun game and it’s even more fun when you have more people playing. I literally stay up until three [a.m.] playing, and it’s like a murder mystery.”

You can find “Among Us” on Steam. Google Play, Itch, and the Apple App Store.

Though there are endless fun games to try during this time at home, “Falls Guys,” “Among Us,” and “Minecraft” are certainly increasingly popular among Rosary and Servite students— and for good reason, these games are very entertaining.