Focusing in Zoom?


My thoughts before I started eating breakfast before class. Photo Credit: Emma Silva

Emma Silva, Staff Writer

Although Rosary Academy is starting a hybrid learning model, students will still spend half of their class time on Zoom. After speaking to several students, I discovered that many students enjoy their classes, but have a tough time staying focused the whole way through on Zoom.

I personally struggle with migraines, so staring at my laptop for hours a day can sometimes lead to me getting a bad headache that makes it near impossible to focus. I bought blue light glasses, and they are a complete game-changer. I almost never get headaches anymore, and I can stay concentrated on taking Algebra notes, rather than giving myself a head massage.

It makes sense that some girls would have a hard time focusing on Zoom. When students are in their rooms that are filled with stuff to distract them, some students are bound to lose focus. I asked around for some tips on staying concentrated on Zoom.

Me, posing with my beloved blue light glasses. Photo Credit: Emma Silva

Trista Verne ’23 recommends, “Eat breakfast before! Sitting in class hungry is a sure way to lose focus. Having a full stomach will completely take your mind off food when you’re in class.”

Likewise, Emma Vasquez ’23 suggests, “Being in a quiet place is vital. Sometimes it’s hard when your family is home, but not having to listen to whatever show your mom is watching, or smoothie your sibling is making makes the biggest difference. Sometimes I wear headphones connected to my laptop, so all I hear is class. It’s the best way to stay on task.”

Chloe McNamara ’23 said, “Put your phone face down far away from you. It can be so tempting to take a peek at your Instagram feed, but resist the temptation. Trust me, it makes all the difference in staying focused,”

Although most of Rosary will back on campus for the most part, staying focused in Zoom is a necessity. So make some changes to ensure you are getting the most of your class-time, whether it’s on campus, or virtual.