4 New Philanthropic Clubs Coming to Rosary


Photo Credits: Bridgette Sanders '23

DoSomething club president Bridgette Sanders discussing her club on the virtual club rush.

Daniela Arias, Staff Writer

Rosary has a plethora of clubs to offer its Royals. These clubs include special interest clubs, academic clubs, and philanthropic clubs. Philanthropic clubs, referred to as service and outreach clubs, strive to give back to the community and provide service to organizations which help those in need. 

Currently, Rosary has a total of thirty-five clubs. Out of those thirty-five clubs, thirteen serve as philanthropic clubs. Seven of the thirteen philanthropic clubs are new to Rosary and will be open for all Royals to join this year.

Bracelets for Change club president Charlotte Jordan debuting her club on the virtual club rush. Photo Credits: Charlotte Jordan’23

 One club among the seven new clubs is the Daily Bread Club. The club president Ginnette Montes ’22 explained the mission of the Daily Bread Club. She shared, “Our goal is to empower women while at the same time helping women in need. In order to do this, we make our own baked goods to sell them and give the proceeds to Casa Teresa.” Casa Teresa provides shelter to mothers in need. 

 Another philanthropic club arriving at Rosary is the Women’s Outreach club. Women’s Outreach club president Emma Silva ’23 stated, “Our club’s purpose is to help organizations across Orange and LA county…support women who are either homeless, escaping poverty, or dangerous domestic abuse situations.” The Women’s Outreach club will be lending a helping hand to various organizations which include The Girls Inc. of Orange County, Colette’s children’s home, and the Orange County rescue mission. 

The DoSomething club will also be available to Royals this year. The DoSomething club president Bridgette Sanders ’23 explained, “By participating in projects regarding our selected areas, we will enforce a true social change by working together for the benefit of all people.” The DoSomething club will be partnering with the official DoSomething non-profit organization to make social change in the community regarding mental health, homelessness, bullying, and gender rights.

 Another additional philanthropic club open to Royals this year is Bracelets for Change. Club president Charlotte Jordan ’23 shared, “I’m going to teach members how to make various kinds of friendship bracelets; every so often, we’ll vote on and choose a charity we want to support.” The proceeds made from the bracelet sales will go towards supporting various charities and organizations. 

 Hopefully, students will be inspired to help their community by joining some of the service and outreach clubs Rosary has to offer and will gain inspiration to carry their philanthropy work out of high school.