3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Online School Workspace


Photo Credits: Samantha Guerrero '23

Samantha Guerrero is all smiles while showcasing her desk and whiteboard.

Daniela Arias, Staff Writer

You’re in online school from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m, a total of five hours. Throughout these five hours you sit at your bland and unorganized desk, which is cluttered with your books and school supplies. This clutter creates an immense amount of distraction and takes away from your focus in online class. An easy resolution to regain your focus and peace of mind is to tidy up your school space.

Once tidied up, your school space still lacks a sense of individuality and is rather bland. Luckily, there are three simple and easy ways to improve your space and add organization and peace to your schooling.

The first way is with decorative plants. These decorative plants can be synthetic or real. There is a vast selection of plants to choose from including flowers, succulents, and even small bonsai trees. A small succulent or floral arrangement can easily add beauty and tranquility to your work space.

Sophomore Gia Espejo poses alongside her decorative cactus.  (Photo credits: Gia Espejo ’23)

Gia Espejo ’23 expresses how plants serve her by sharing, “When I’m stressed in school, I look at my cute little cactus and remind myself to breathe.”

A second way to spruce up your school work space is by buying desk organizers. These office desk organizers offer an easy way to keep all your school supplies in one designated area to avoid clutter and confusion. Through adding an office desk organizer to your workspace, you will no longer face the disarrangement of your school supplies and will instead be provided with a sleek look to your school space.

A third way to spruce up your school desk space is to add a small bulletin board or white board to the wall directly in front of your work station. This board will allow you to write your assignments or goals you have set for the day. It will also add a winsome look to your workspace. The addition of a board to your school space can create a bubbly look while still managing to provide overall organization.

Samantha Guerrero ’23 shared how her whiteboard serves as a vital part to her organization. She explains, “I write down my homework assignments for each class starting with my first period going to my last period. I feel like this is beneficial to me because I know what I need to get done for each class which makes it easier to prioritize different assignments.”

Through utilizing these three easy ways, you will be able to obtain a chic workspace while also regaining your focus and awareness throughout your zoom classes.