Jams throughout Quarantine


Emma Silva “23 expressing her love for Declan McKenna. Photo by: Emma Silva

Emma Silva, Staff Writer

Although the Covid-19 pandemic postponed several concerts and album drops, some artists still released music for their eager fans.

Viral Tik-Tok sensation 100 Gecs released their latest album “1000 Gecs” on May 31, 2020. The album featured several popular Tik-Tok audios, such as “Money Machine” and “Stupid Horse.” The album was filled with the band’s signature electronic-pop sound, distorted singing, and interesting lyrics.

When asked about her opinion on “1000 Gecs,” Kate Rosales ’23 said, “The entire album is like a garage band and a baby made music. It was filled with genius, and electronics, and overall sounded like heaven.”

Several indie-rock favorites released new albums as well. On April 10th, The Strokes released “The New Abnormal.”  While fans can still enjoy The Strokes signature sound, the album featured several songs reminiscent of 80’s.

Indie-pop sensation, Declan McKenna, released his long awaited album “Zeros” on September 4th. The album’s ten tracks were full of McKenna’s idiosyncratic blend of electronic sounds and acoustics.

Sophomore Anna Jordan ’23 commented, “This album is like a blend of Vance Joy and David Bowie.”

Taylor Swift, known for teasing albums years ahead of their release, surprised fans with “folklore” on July 24th. “folklore” CAPITALIZE THE F is composed of 16 songs, and “Tells the story of people who don’t exist,” as Swift put it. Taylor’s emotional lyrics and brilliant composing are present throughout the album, along with a softer sound and acoustics.

When asked about her thoughts on the surprise drop, Taylor Swift fan and Rosary alumna Anelisa Silva ’17 answered, “This blessing of an album has been the only good thing that has happened to me in 2020. I never would have guessed she had another album coming, especially since she was supposed to be touring “‘Lover.’”

Anelisa Silva, jamming out to “folklore.” Photo by: Anelisa Silva.

Although the pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, at least we have some jams to keep us entertained.