Mock Trial Wins Again!


The Mock Trial team posing in the Santa Ana Courthouse. Photo provided by Marysol Cazarez

Adviser, Adviser

Last night, Rosary’s Mock Trial team defeated Corona Del Mar High School in a close contest.  Senior captain Caitlin McClure was named MVP by the opposing team for her role as an outstanding prosecuting attorney.  Caitlin’s closing argument received rave reviews from the judges, one of whom said she was “articulate and knowledgable.”

Rosary’s pretrial domination continued.  Last week freshman Elena Walz successfully argued to suppress a motion while this week sophomore Serena Park won her motion as well.  One judge noted, “Serena showed good knowledge of the facts of the case.”

Sophomore Marysol Cazarez takes her seat on the witness stand. Photo by Mrs. Cazarez

Finally, Rosary’s witness, freshman Lauren Cottrell, who plays the victim in the case, was also lauded by the attorney judges, who called her “creative and original” in her role.

Rosary’s Mock Trial witnesses mug for the camera. Photo by Mrs. Cazarez

Rosary’s next competitions will be Tuesday, November 27 and Thursday, November 29 at the Santa Ana Courthouse.  Although each team doesn’t know their opponent until the morning of the trial, Rosary is eager to continue their winning streak no matter the competition.