Freshmen React to Welcome Back


Freshmen getting ready for their first high school dance. Photo by Melinda Ganahl.

Hailey McCarthy, Staff Writer

Last weekend, Servite High School hosted the first Tri-School dance of the year: the Welcome Back Dance. For most Rosary students, this was just a run of the mill, casual dance, but to the freshmen Royals, it was an exciting milestone in their high school journey.

At their first Tri-School event, the freshmen had the opportunity to meet and hang out with new people from all different grade levels and schools. Here are some of the freshmen’s thoughts about their first dance:

Freshmen Elizabeth Walloch and Lily Ganahl hanging out before the dance. Photo by Melinda Ganahl.

Elizabeth Walloch ’22: “I had a lot of fun because I was with all of my friends and great music was playing. I can’t wait for the next dance!”

Ella Castillo ’22: “I was so pumped to go to the dance because [upperclasswomen] said that it was the most fun dance of the entire year. It was fun but crazy; I had a lot of fun dancing with my friends and the mosh pit was insane.”

Abby Tice ’22:  “The Welcome Back dance got me excited for Homecoming because it reminded me how fun dances can be with all of my friends there with me.”

The freshmen Royals all had a great time at their first Tri-School dance and cannot wait for the next dance – Homecoming!

Homecoming will be at Servite High School on September 22 from 7-11 P.M.