Morgan Brkich’s GCU adventure


Photo Provided By Morgan Brkich

Morgan loved all of GCU’s beautiful views.

For many of us seniors, we are currently anxiously awaiting to hear back from colleges for both Early

Morgan and her new friends had a blast at GCU! (Photo Provided By Morgan Brkich)

Decision II and Regular Decision applications. The application process was brutal, but the anticipation is worse; as a result, I am extremely envious of the few students that are already safely and happily committed to their college of choice, whether through sports commitment or Early Decision 1. I am most jealous, however, of senior Morgan Brkich, who has been comfortably admitted to her dream school, Grand Canyon University, since this past summer.

Morgan successfully got into GCU for her desired major of nursing several months ago, and this past weekend, she got to go on an all-expense paid trip to go visit the campus for three days of familiarization and fun. Morgan graciously agreed to fill me in on the epic details of her trek to her future school:

Day 1

Morgan’s first day was filled with celebrity

Morgan and her two roommates made so many memories together! (Photo Provided By Morgan Brkich)

treatment and excitement: “They flew me out totally free, paid for all my food, and got me a room at their GCU Hotel, which is run by students. We went to a basketball game that night, and GCU won; I’m not really a basketball person at all, but it was was SO fun and exciting, the environment after winning was crazy. On the shuttle home, a guy in the car was really good at singing, so we put on a mini-concert with flashlight-spotlights and everything, it was super fun.”

The activities weren’t the only perk of this amazing trip: “The food was so good. For dinner on the first night, we had poke at a restaurant called Kaminari. It was absolutely delicious, 10/10 recommend.”

Day 2

The second day was filled with exploration of GCU’s campus: “In the morning, they broke us off into groups based on our majors so our tours were more specialized. One of my new friends and I went in the nursing

Morgan and her fellow incoming students got to show their GCU spirit at the basketball game. (Photo Provided By Morgan Brkich)

tour, and we got to meet super nice professors, see a maternity simulator, attend an interactive nursing seminar/lab, and visit a cadaver lab. It was super informative, and I hadn’t gotten to visit the nursing buildings the last time I toured, so I really enjoyed it.”

Just like Day 1, yummy food made Day 2 even better: “They have their own coffee shop called GCBC, where you can make your own energy drink by mixing flavors. I got lemon and raspberry, and it was super delicious.”

Aside from giving incoming students a great taste of life on GCU’s campus, this trip was a great opportunity to socialize: “After the tours, I got to spend the rest of the day with my new friends. We played a lot of ping pong and went to the pool, it was super fun.”

Day 3

By the time the third day rolled around, it was time to come home: “On the morning of the third day, I checked out pretty early in the morning and flew home. I was sad to go, but I was super grateful for the opportunity, because it made me so much more excited for college.”

One of the best parts of Morgan’s trip was the group of new friends she made! (Photo Provided By Morgan Brkich)

I’m so glad Morgan had so much fun visiting GCU, and to all my fellow seniors awaiting college news, stay strong!