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Rebekah Barnabas
Rebekah Barnabas is a senior who can be easily identified by the constant smile on her face (unless she is terribly hungry or legitimately sleep deprived). She enjoys reading, writing, walking, doing yoga, napping and baking. But most of all, she is obsessed with dogs, specifically her Italian Mastiff, Pio. On campus, you may see her altar serving or filling up one of her many water bottles. But off campus, you may find her either at a park with her dog, or on her couch (she doesn't like doing much--a good nap and some quality food is enough to keep her happy). Oddly enough, she enjoys reading scholarly journals in the areas of science and medicine, and hopes to one day become a neuroscientist, or at least a doctor/researcher.

rebekah barnabas, Features Editor

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