2017-2018 Staff

Natalie Ruiz

Staff Writer

Natalie Ruiz is a junior who is just starting on The Royal Reporter. She is enthusiastic to be a part of the staff and to be able to share her writing with her fellow Royals or anyone else who might read her work. Although she...

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Victoria Cendejas

Staff Writer

Victoria Cendejas is your friendly neighborhood junior at the Academy! She is nothing more than stoked to be a part of staff on The Royal Reporter and take part in all the opportunities it has to offer! While also taking a variet...

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Jocelyn Diaz

Staff Writer

Jocelyn Diaz is a student-athlete and senior at Rosary Academy. She is a happy person who enjoys listening to people's stories. She is extremely excited to go to college, but a bit saddened by the fact that she must leave Rosary....

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Ava Cunningham

Staff Writer

This is Ava's first year on the Royal Reporter and she is pumped to be the voice of the Academy. Ava is a part of Rosary's ASB as the Interschool representative and in the spring she spends her time after school running track....

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Kami Merrill

Staff Writer

Senior Kami Merrill is in her first year of journalism as a Staff Writer for the Royal Reporter. Kami played Rosary Soccer for her first two years at Rosary and is going into her fourth year of Rosary Softball. She loves the TV s...

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Cristin Coombs

Staff Writer

Cristin Coombs is a senior at Rosary Academy and can be described as fun-loving, energetic, and passionate about school. Along with her commitment to school, Cristin is a competitive horse-back rider. Being an equestrian rider...

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Danielle Swanson


Danielle Swanson is an excited senior at Rosary Academy and she wants to make her last year the best. She's a part of Rosary's swim team and the Sports Medicine Team. Her favorite things are scary movies, iced coffee, and her...

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Sarahi Stoddard

Staff Writer

Sarahi Stoddard is a senior at Rosary Academy and is excited for her last year of high school. This is her first year as a staff writer for the Royal Reporter. She enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends, and playing ...

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Joy Joukhadar

Staff Writer

Joy Joukhadar is a small, passionate junior at Rosary Academy. She's a member of Tri-School Theatre, a technician who's also a part of Comedy Sportz, and her troupe's thespian board. She loves writing, art, history and cares a...

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Amelia Kennedy


Amelia Kennedy attends Rosary Academy and is very excited about her senior year. Amelia participates in many sports such as soccer, cross country, and swim. She is also a member of the Sports Medicine Program. In her free time,...

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Lindsey Shank


Lindsey Shank is a senior at the Academy. Lindsey is pumped for all of the exciting parts of Senior year and cannot wait to make this year the best one yet. She packs really great lunches, and her favorite part of the year is...

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Bella Davies

Staff Writter

Bella Davies is a junior who is looking forward to the upcoming year. Bella is a member of the cheer team at Rosary Academy and has been cheering for seven years. In her free time Bella enjoys hanging out with her friends, kayaking,...

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Emily Garcia

Staff Writer

Emily Garcia is new to the Royal Reporter as a Staff Writer and is excited to embark on her senior year! If Emily isn't in the pool or the weight room for Water Polo, she spends her time volunteering for RAD, drinking Boba, a...

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Staff Writer

Sierra Warner is a senior at Rosary Academy. This is her first year as a Royal Reporter writer, and she is eager to get her fellow Royal sisters heard. If she's not acting on Tri-School Theatre's stage, you'll find her in the m...

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Franny Lahr

Staff Writer

A FRAN-tastic senior at Rosary Academy, Franny Lahr, is a first time member of the Royal Reporter squad. She is ASB Executive President and a member of the cross country team. Her favorite thing to do is complain to Ms. Barclay ...

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Clarissa Arias

Staff Writer

Clarissa Arias is a senior at Rosary Academy and is beyond excited to make this her most memorable year. She is a member of the dance team and loves cheering at football games, dancing at rallies, and spending time with her teammates....

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Staff Writer

Senior Becky Obinma has just joined the Royal Reporter staff this year! She is also a part of the varsity Rosary Basketball and Track teams. Becky loves talking and making friends everywhere she goes. Basketball and Track are two ...

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Jacqueline Carr

Staff Writer

Jacqueline Carr, more commonly known as jcarr, is a bubbly senior at Rosary Academy. This is her first year as a staff writer for the Royal Reporter. She loves her three cats, Anastasia, Baby, and Schrodinger with all of her h...

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Kaleigh Dreyer

Staff Writer

Kaleigh Dreyer is a Rosary junior who has a passion for reading and writing. Ever since she was little, Kaleigh has loved all things that have to do with books and creative writing. She is super excited to write for the Royal Rep...

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Sam Rezac

Staff Writer

Samantha Rezac is an fun-loving, overjoyed and energetic senior at Rosary Academy. She loves to read adventurous fictional novels, play soccer at a competitive level, and surf. Her favorite activities to participate in when she...

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Allie Mungaray

Staff Writer

Senior Alexandra Mungaray, better known as Allie, is a returning staff member and writer for The Royal Reporter.  She enjoys writing, shopping, and going to the beach. Allie loves to watch movies with her friends, voluntee...

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Olivia Hennessey

News Editor

Olivia is a Senior at Rosary and this is her second year on The Royal Reporter. Outside of school, she is an active member of Tri-School Theater, the Rosary Mock Trial Team, and Ambassadors. Olivia would describe herself as creat...

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Leia Betancourt

Features Editor

Senior Leia Betancourt is the 2018 Class President and the Royal Reporter’s new Features Editor. She is hoping to attend NYU or LMU for something in the English field. Leia would love to continue her interest in writing and a...

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Molly Renze


Senior Molly Renze is the Editor-in-Chief of Royal Reporter this year! She loves to act, improvise, and write. Molly has a strong passion for the stage and has always wanted to voice an animated character on television. Her favorite...

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