The Royal Reporter

2019-2020 Staff

Kate Noden


Kate is a senior at Rosary Academy and is enrolled in her second year of journalism. Kate is currently on Rosary's varsity soccer team and participates in ASB as spirit commissioner. Her favorite subject is English and her hope...

Whitney Deubler

Staff Writer

  Whitney Deubler is a current senior at Rosary. In the time that she is not driving the long distance between her house and Rosary. Whitney enjoys swimming, surfing and Tri-School Theater. This is her first year on the...

Alicia Ventura

Staff Writer

Alicia Ventura, an easy-going and fearless student, is best known for her appearances in school masses and obsessive knowledge about her faith. This year she is trying something new for her Junior Year and starting her first year...

Hayley Johnson

Staff Writer

Hayley Johnson is a current senior at Rosary Academy, and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to write for the Royal Reporter. When asking her friends how they would describe her, the answer was unanimous: tiny. And -- standing...

Allison Perea

Staff Writer

Allison Perea is an outgoing, loud, and energetic senior at Rosary Academy. Allison is a member of the Tri-School Theatre Thespian Board as well as a member of the California State Thespian Board. In Tri-School Theatre she participates...

Riley Hawkins

Staff Writer

Riley Hawkins is a volleyball superstar and an all-around well rounded human being. She has been known to dabble in Red and Gold, and her favorite movie is Trolls. You can find her reading in mass, working in the gift shop of...

Isabel Alderete

Staff Writer

Isabel Alderete is a junior at Rosary Academy. She is a member of the triathlon team, and she is a varsity member on the cross country team. This is Isabel's first year on the Royal Reporter, and she is ecstatic. Her favorite...

Maryann Compton


Maryann Compton has been known to have a witty, outgoing personality. She is a senior at Rosary Academy and is excited to be in her second year of journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach, spending time with...

Isabella Tejeda

Staff Editor

Isabella is a student-athlete and senior at Rosary Academy. This is her second year on the Royal Reporter. Isabella currently plays for Rosary's varsity tennis team and is a part of leadership activities on and off campus. Isabella...

Grace Battaglia


Grace Battaglia is an enthusiastic senior at Rosary Academy. Her favorite subject is history. She is extremely excited to spend her last year at Rosary with her best friends. In her free time, she enjoys running, spending time...

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