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Julia Clarke 23 (left) and Juliet Cortez 23 (right) celebrating at last years Rosary Day.
(Photo provided by Julia Clarke)

Rosary Day advice from a senior!

Layla Langrell, Staff Writer
September 30, 2022
My dog Buddy excited to take a walk.

An Ode to Kodak

Andrea Salazar, Staff Writer
September 27, 2022
You have to believe what I say: Im a senior!

A senior’s best kept secret

Anna Jordan, Assistant Editor-In-Chief
September 23, 2022
Luke Girgis 23 and his friend are all smiles at the dance.

Welcome Back Dance 2022 review

Andrea Salazar, Staff Writer
September 2, 2022
My freshman year formal date and I smiling awkwardly as our moms take pictures.

Tips and tricks for a fantastic formal

Elena Walz, Editor-in-Chief
February 4, 2022
These tips and tricks can help with all your Valentines day needs. (Photo Provided by Google via the Creative Commons license.)

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Kathleen Martinez, Staff Writer
January 27, 2022
Kairos 61 gathers outside of the Church at Mission San Louis Rey.

5 tips for a fantastic Kairos

Keira Sarni, Social Media Director/Staff Writer
January 13, 2022
Marisol Reza-Niebla 25 uses flashcards to study for her Spanish test. Photo credit: Kathleen Martinez

Study tips for finals

Kathleen Martinez, Staff Writer
December 3, 2021
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