Trust Us, We’ve Been There

Sierra Warner, Staff Writer

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Photo Credit: Megan Faley a��18 and Sofia Sigenfuse “20
Megan Faley a��18 hugging her Royal sister Sofia Sigenfuse “20.

When it comes to the wild Servite boys, fashionable school dances, Red and Gold’s no sleep rule, Rosary Day celebration, unexpected lunch dance offs, and the ultimate potlucks, seniors know it all!

As Rosary Academy’s ultimate big sisters, the seniors want to share wise advice with their little sisters. Whether you are a timid freshman, a blossoming sophomore, or an overwhelmed junior, seniors have been there. The seniors have learned many things in the past years from mistakes made, and they want to make sure their sisters don’t repeat the same errors. For example, make sure to read Mr. Bevins’ summer reading, check the school email for news like what days to wear formal uniform, and always have your school I.D.

Seniors hope to guide the Royal underclasswomen to an amazing current and future experience. Senior Vanessa Guerrero says, “Be yourself. Make the most of high school because senior year is going to come before you know it. Have fun in the safest way possible. Make memories that last a lifetime!”

Having fun is key to the best four years of high school. Keeping a hold on managing school assignments, however, is also pretty important to avoid stressful situations. Take it from a strong student like Salma Rocha who wants to make sure the underclasswomen take her advice to “Understand what you can handle, and don’t put too much on your plate. Take opportunities and challenges, but also remember to have fun the next four years!”

A healthy balance of fun memories and organized school work is truly idealistic according to seniors. This serves as a good note to keep as freshmen start their high school journey so they don’t wait until it’s too late. As Megan Faley says, “Don’t slack freshman year because it does count. Also, now is the time to get involved in different activities and try new things.”

Take it from the seniors. They know what they’re talking about. So, underclasswomen, next time you see a senior, don’t be afraid to ask any questions because they secretly love helping out their little sisters!

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Trust Us, We’ve Been There