I’d like to thank the Academy…


Photo Provided by Sydney Rosario

Red and Gold 2018. I was unbiased that year.

Sydney Rosario, Staff Writer

Leaving Rosary is like a rite of passage, for departing from an all-girls school unscathed is a skill not many possess. And I mean it– Rosary is not for the weak.

That being said, I received an honor for graduating from the Academy. It’s not an academic or leadership award, not even recognition for always cutting it close to being tardy. Like the rest of my class, I got something greater than Red and Gold bragging rights (I’ll elaborate later).

As dramatic as I sound, the last four years have been rocky to say the least. But, like anything in life, I would not have been here without acknowledging pivotal moments in my life, specifically, in my high school career.

Masks up so you know this was in 2020. (Photo Provided by Sydney Rosario)

Freshman year:

I want to thank Mr. Bevins and my Honors English I class. Thank you for teaching me to use my voice, even when my voice is a faint whisper. I learned that what I say matters.

Thank you to my freshman year lunch table group. Looking back at our old Tiktoks near the racks, I cannot help but cringe at our deep side parts and the babiest of baby faces. You made me realize that although we may have grown apart, we will always be connected by our shared memories.

Thank you, Mrs. Kearns ’78 and the Campus Ministry team. I found that I can stand in front of a crowd and be more confident in myself.

Sophomore year:

Thank you, Mr. Clough and the Honors Geometry summer school class. You kept me on my toes and challenged me even when I felt unproductive. You taught me to keep going and preserve even when I’m in a rut.

I hate to admit it, but thank you, Covid. You made me realize never to take things for granted.

Who is the real Pitbull posing with the Spirit Stick? (Photo Credit: Sydney Rosario)

Junior year:

Thank you, Clash of the Classes. You taught me that it is so much better to have fun and not worry about what the haters think, even if that means making a fool of myself in front of the whole school dressed as the one and only Mr. 305.

Thank you, Ms. Barclay ’94 and the AP Lang class. I learned that it is okay to be myself. And some people will like who I am, and others not so much.

Senior year:

 Thank you, Mrs. Simonton and the tennis team. You believed in me and saw potential when I didn’t. You saw me as a leader I never thought I was capable of.

I want to thank Red and Gold. Though I am 0-4 and still slightly bitter, I made great memories with girls I now call some of my closest friends. You taught me that happiness doesn’t always come from bragging rights or a win.

Thank you, Kairos. I was lucky enough to be a leader, and I have a newfound sisterhood with girls I never thought I would have had.

Oh, how I’ll miss this. (Photo Provided by Sydney Rosario)

Last of all, thank you to my fellow Dinos for putting up with me and all my many phases over the last four years.

I know I wouldn’t have.

This school has done a lot for me– more than I can ever enumerate. But most of all, Rosary gave me the greatest honor to find myself and grow more confident in the person I am.