Cate Mastroni’s unique job


Cate Mastroni ’23 and her fellow coworkers before a kids laser tag party. (Photo provided by Cate Mastroni)

Layla Langrell, Staff Writer

Getting a job: a hard task of endlessly scrolling through open jobs and filling out applications. There are so many jobs in the world to choose from, and you definitely want to pick a fun one so you don’t hate it. The Royal with the coolest job would definitely be senior Cate Mastroni.

Cate works at laser tag parties for kids and adults at OC Fun Events. She started working here in August of 2021 and is still going strong. When asked how she got this unique job, she said, “My friend’s mom owns the company, and she asked if I would be interested. So I tried it out and loved it.”

For this job, Cate brings laser tag equipment to parties at different locations. These locations range from schools to private houses. She gets to set up the games and help assist the kids and adults on how to play. Sometimes she even gets to join the fun and play laser tag with the kids.

When I asked her if she likes it, she said, “This is my first job, and I honestly really like it. It gives me something to do on the weekends, and I have made a lot of great friends. The kids are always so sweet, and my coworkers are the best!” Sometimes coworkers can make or break a job, but luckily for Cate, she works with such great people.


Laser tag is the best birthday party activity. (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

Even though Cate loves her job, like every job, she has some crazy stories. “Once, my coworker drove to a party across the city. He had all of the equipment, so I was all alone in a park for 30 minutes with no equipment to set up,” says Cate.

Many Royals love Cate and view her job as the coolest thing ever. Juliet Cortez ’23 says, “Cate serves at laser tag and I wish to be as good at laser tag as her. Her job is so fun, fresh, and amazing, and I wish to be as cool as her. Go laser tag!”

For everyone looking for a job, try to get a cool job like Cate.