Teenage girl trends


(Photo Credit: Emma Oskorus '23)

Claire Heidelman ’24 on the go at school with her necessity, the Stanley Cup.

Emma Oskorus, Staff Writer and Social Media Director

We all have valuable sources such as Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc. in order to stay updated on the latest trends for teenage girls. Just when you think you are early to one of these “trends,” you find yourself heading to your local Target only to find the product you want all out of stock. Don’t worry, I’ve been there too, but there will come a day where you will finally have access to the latest and greatest product that are currently trending.

So, let’s take a look. What products are trending today? Starting off with a worldwide favorite for not only teenage girls, but women of all ages…Stanley Cups. I am a proud owner of one, and personally, I love it. After winter break, it seemed as if most girls upgraded from their broken and chipped Hydro flasks to the new and improved Stanley Cups.

Claire Heidelman ’24 shares, “Ever since I got my Stanley Cup, I have not used anything else since. It’s the perfect size so I only have to refill it once or twice a day, and it even has a handle so I don’t have to awkwardly hold my whole hand around the side or top of it. So call me basic for having one, but I love it.”

Next, headphones. Specifically Beats or Apple headphones. Forget about airpods. Those are out, headphones are in. Maybe it’s the noise cancellation, maybe it’s just for looks, maybe it’s because they are easier to find then small, little airpods, but whatever it is, they have become quite a trend. Francesca McGuire ’23 shares, “I’ve had my beats for a while, so technically I haven’t hopped on any new trends. I wear them everywhere. In the car, at school, going to soccer, during homework, and so much more. They are definitely a necessity.”

Now, you may have heard of the famous makeup brand Charlotte Tillbury. But, have you heard of a Charlotte Tillbury “dupe?” If you haven’t, I suggest you pay attention. A dupe is essentially a cheaper version of a product that looks or is utilized practically the same. These “dupes” seem to be flooding Tik Tok with a bunch of girls finding makeup products sold at Target that are exactly the same as a Charlotte Tillbury product, but for a cheaper price. For example, Charlotte’s Tillbury most famous product, the Flawless Filter Foundation, costs up to $46. However, the “dupe” sold at Target called the Halo Glow Liquid Filter Foundation costs only $14.

Finally, the last and final product…UGGS. Uggs are the holy grail of shoes. Every girl, and I mean every girl, had to have Uggs on their Christmas list this year. The most popular are the Ultra Mini Ugg Boots, or the Tasman Slippers. Sherry Diep ’24 shares, “I have had the Tasman Ugg Slippers for awhile. So basically, I had them before they started to become a thing. I didn’t even realize how much everyone wanted them until I was wearing them on my soccer trip in Arizona, and everyone had asked me how I got my hands on them. Guess you could say I’m quite the trend setter.”

And there you have it. These are the most recent trends from the past few months. Who knows when these trends will fade away, but as of now, they are still a fan favorite for girls everywhere. Maybe you could be the next trend setter? You never know.

Francesca McGuire ’23 in her natural habitat with her stunning rose gold Beats on.
(Photo Credit: Emma Oskorus ’23)
To the left: The infamous Charlotte Tillbury foundation. To the right: A much cheaper version, a “dupe,” priced at almost $32 dollars less.
(Image taken from Google Images via Creative Commons Liscense)