Top 5 reasons to join Trinitas!


Photo Provided by Alex Bohn '23

Come join this loving family — Trinitas Arts Conservatory.

Alex Bohn, Copy Editor

Dear Parents… and nostalgic seniors,

Rosary Academy has many ways to get involved that contribute to the makings of a Royal. However, one particular elective stands above all else — Trinitas Arts Conservatory.

Despite my clear bias toward the program (I’ve been involved for the past four years), I’m not wrong in arguing Trinitas is an excellent opportunity to grow into a better person, and an even better way to be truly immersed in the Rosary community. Trinitas welcomes all students to participate in their various programs: tri-annual productions, Conservatory electives, Thespian Honor Society, and Comedy Sportz.

In order to recruit as many brilliant Royals as possible, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons to join Trinitas Arts Conservatory.

The Community

At TAC, we believe in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all students. Skill level, academic status, and all previous judgments are left at the door, and we establish a new type of family for all. Many can attest to the warm welcome that is Trinitas.

The famous tech crew canoodle pile in one of our last rehearsals before opening. (Photo Provided by David Graham ’22)

Our community at Trinitas is recognized by many, and we encourage you to take part in this amazing experience. Come get a taste of who we are by attending a show or supporting our Comedy Sportz team, both of which are excellent ways to observe the kind spirit we possess.

The Ability to Explore

Trinitas Arts Conservatory is an excellent opportunity to branch out and explore your passions. Many of our students learn new skill sets which benefit them past high school. Our supportive environment allows all students to try new things without fear of being judged or failing.

Allison Lillestol ’23 shared why she loves Trinitas, especially Costume Crew: “I have loved sewing and working with costumes since I was a kid, and it is because of Trinitas that I was able to make my own prom dress this past year.”

Many students feel similarly. While not all know how to make their own clothes, there are several opportunities to learn new skills, such as time management and public speaking, that come from getting involved in Trinitas.

The Co-Ed Experience

Our lovely cast celebrating Onesie Wednesday despite the sleep deprivation and adrenaline so close to opening. (Photo Provided by Cadiz Salazar ’23)

Trinitas is an amazing way to get involved with a co-ed community of both Royals and Friars. Trinitas Arts Conservatory is located primarily at Servite High School, which provides the extraordinary theatre establishment that we all cherish dearly.

As a long time participant in the program, most days of the week I find myself navigating through the Servite campus. Some of my favorite memories consist of the run-ins or parking-lot-chats I’ve had with various friends from Servite before rehearsal.

Mandy Puga ’24 says, “When I first came to Rosary as a freshman, I was scared because I didn’t have any guy friends coming in. But when I joined Trinitas, I met my first genuine guy friends. I found really nice, good people that make me laugh and I cherish every moment I have with them.”

If you’re interested in finding more occasions to get to know more of our Friar brothers, participating in Trinitas is an excellent way to branch out and meet new people!

The Traditions

The students at Trinitas take great pride in our traditions, and every senior can agree that these traditions make graduation a tad more bittersweet. For example, we have themed dress-up days when the cast wears fun outfits to celebrate the coming show. A Trinitas favorite would be Onesie Wednesday, where everyone shows up wearing onesies or pajamas to rehearsal.

Kat Cenabre ’23 is known to draw adorable temporary tattoos for every day of tech week. (Photo Provided by Shelby Devoy ’24)

Our traditions are cherished by every member of TAC and are a great way to be a part of an amazing group of people.

The Well-Rounded Students

Finally, Trinitas builds a well-rounded person, which is exactly what colleges look for in a prospective student.

Trinitas Arts Conservatory is a wonderful asset to a college application. Not only does it look good, but TAC connects students to accessible scholarship opportunities related to the arts. An all-time student favorite is the annual Thespian State Festival that brings in hundreds of high school theater programs. This is a great way to get to know students who share your same passions.



If you’re curious about the program and want to get involved, feel free to try out for our spring musical beginning in the early months of 2023. We can’t wait to see you there!