Moms pay a visit to Harry’s House


Amber and her mom had the best time at Harry’s House. (Photo provided by Amber Lizardi).

Adriana Arroyo, Assistaint Editor-in-Chief

On Monday, Oct. 24, Harry Styles began his 15-night residency at the Kia Forum in lieu of his third studio album, Harry’s House. This has been a big deal among Royals, but has also been a hit among Rosary’s moms. Mother-daughter duos have attended various nights together, and moms have had lots to share about their Harry concert experiences.

After seeing Harry, my mom may or may not be at Wembley Stadium next year. (Photo provided by Adriana Arroyo).

Junior Paloma Borsari and her mom attended night eight, and Mrs. Borsari’s favorite part of the night was when Harry sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to his bandmate, Pauli. As for her outfit, Mrs. Borsari preferred comfort over the traditional sequin body suit (common Harry Styles concert attire), and said, “I wanted something snug and wore ripped blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a flannel.”

Amber Lizardi ’23 and her mom ventured to night nine, and Ms. Lizardi shared some highlights: “Harry wore grey pants and a blue baby-tee with a sequin heart on the front. I absolutely loved his outfit! As for mine, I wore a pink, sequin, off-the-shoulder top with leather leggings and some black boots.” Ms. Lizardi loved the concert, and her favorite part of the night was spending time with Amber: “I loved watching my daughter sing every single song!” she said.

Emma’s mom in her Love on Tour crewneck before the big night. (Photo by Emma Silva).

On night 13, senior Trista Verne and her mom dressed up for a girls’ night in at Harry’s House. Ms. Verne had lots to share about her outfit, along with her thoughts on Harry’s: “Harry wore pantsuit with yellow and purple stripes, except for one pant leg, which had red and white stripes. I wore a silver, sequin pantsuit with a white boa.” Ms. Verne’s favorite part of the night was when Harry first appeared on stage: “The energy and the roar of the crowd reminded me of an Elvis concert. It was at that moment I knew I was seeing someone special.”

Emma Silva ’23 and her mom stunned in adorable outfits on night 12, and Mrs. Silva loved Harry’s sparkly outfit. Emma’s mom was also very impressed at Harry’s ability to command the crowd, and shared her thoughts on his performance: “Harry’s energy was amazing. It was really impressive that he was able to engage everyone, even those in the back of the room. The only other artist I’ve seen do that is Taylor Swift. Not even the Rolling Stones could do what Harry and Taylor have done,” she said.

My own mom and I payed a visit to Harry’s House on night 11, and had an amazing time. Though new to the Harry Styles fan club, she knew almost all of his songs, danced through the whole concert, and even attempted the ‘Boot Scoot,’ a fan-made jig usually performed in the Forum’s GA pit section. It’s safe to say my mom had a life-changing experience that night, and would whole-heartedly attend another concert in the future: “Honestly, Harry Styles is one of the best live performers I’ve seen thus far. His energy is unmatched, and I didn’t feel like I had to know every song to get the full experience. After night 11, you may or may not see me at Wembley Stadium next year,” she explained. My mom also loved Harry’s outfit, and shared some in-depth opinions on his get up, as well as her own stylistic choices: “Harry’s outfit was adorable. The polka-dot, leather pant combination was high fashion and breathable. I think my outfit was super cute too. I wore some black leather pants, a top, and some Steve Madden boots,” she said.

I guess Harry’s demographic is slowly transcending the realm of teenage girls. Moms and daughters alike are loving Love on Tour, and can’t wait to see him again in the future.