The power of purple


Photo Credit: Tori Bush

My math homework in purple pen that is probbaly all incorrect, but hey, it is pretty.

Tori Bush, Contributor

If you want to be happy, I suggest you use the purple pen on OneNote in order to complete your math homework.

However, maybe instead of math, you need the comforting power of the purple pen in order to get you through your English classes, and maybe you actually need the green pen, instead of the purple, in order to achieve such solace.

If you want to be happy, I implore you to find your color.

I, for instance, am a purple person. It may have taken me a while to determine my color, but I am thankful that I did. As a purple person, I have been subtly called towards purple all my life, and if you see me at school, you will see me with my purple Hydro Flask, a purple lunchbox, and my purple pen or pencil.

Purple just makes me happy, and when I took Honors English I, I began to find out why. This certain section of reflected light did not just appeal to my eyes, but rather, it also reflected the characteristics I valued and wanted to have. While the first association to purple may be wealth, I actually tend to associate more with the lesser known attributes such as wisdom, ambition, independence, creativity, and pride. I guess I kind of find emotional wealth when I am striving toward these qualities.

So, what’s your color? What is important to you in your life? What do you feel called towards, and who are you? Are you a red person who is ever so passionate and ever so intense? Are you maybe a green person who feels ever so attached to nature and longs for change? How about a blue person who yearns for stability and tranquility? Could you be a yellow person whose goal in life is happiness and is bursting at the seams with energy?

Whoever you are and whatever your color might be, take your color, and never forget it. Remember your individuality, and remember who you want to become.

If you want to be happy, I recommend that you find your math homework.

I am not a math person. Numbers just simply do not number for me like they do for other people, and I have had to work incredibly hard in all of my mathematical classes in order to succeed. In addition, my brain tends to view math homework as my arch nemesis. I feel like I have to have a ten-minute conversation with my brain in order to even start my homework most days.

I think my brain is right; math homework is my arch nemesis. To start, I am worried my enemy will win. I know math is one of my weaknesses, and I am worried about the possibility of receiving another 5/20 on another one of my math quizzes. So why even start if there is the possibility of failing?

Well, as I so often have to tell my brain, I need a good grade in math, so I can get into one of my dream colleges. If I get into one of my dream colleges, I have a better chance at achieving my dream career, and if I achieve my dream career, I am one step closer to achieving my purple (who I want to become, and what I want to do with my life). Therefore, the completion of my math homework equals one step closer to my purple.

So, what do you struggle with? What are the obstacles that lie in the way of your goals in life? What are your weaknesses? Are you scared of failure, like me? Do you procrastinate because it is hard for you to self-motivate? Are you scared to ask for help? Are there outside forces that are impacting your ability to perform?

Whatever you are struggling with, know that you are not alone, and there are people who love and care about you. But I want you to remember your color, your motivation. You can get through this; I believe in you. Just remember your reason, which leads me to my next point.

If you want to be happy, I urge you to find your OneNote.

You all don’t need an anecdote this time because this one is simple. What are the ways you are going to remind yourself of your goals during tough times? Are you going to be like me and make this really super complicated metaphor in order to encourage yourself? You could stalk all of your role models who are living the life you hope to one day achieve and be motivated by their presence. Are you going to make a Pinterest board with all of your hopes and dreams? Maybe put a sticky note on your laptop of a little personal mantra you have.

Whatever it may be, do it often. Your brain needs that extra push sometimes. So, ditch the boring pens on OneNote, and remember who you are and what you one day will become.