How-to-guide to Kairos 63


Photo Provided by: Chloe Hoyos '23

Kairos 63 leaders ready to change lives.

Sydney Rosario, Staff Writer

Kairos 63 is quickly approaching, and as many questions circulate within the senior class, I have decided to give a bit of relief and insight. Now, the actual content of the Kairos retreat remains highly classified, but as a Kairos 62 retreatant and Kairos 63 leader, here is what I recommend:

  1. DO NOT ANTICIPATE: STOP IT. Please do not continue to ask questions: everything will play out the way the retreat is intended to. I know, the countdown until Day 1 of Kairos is approaching, but pretend you know absolutely nothing about this retreat. Everything anyone has ever told you about Kairos–throw it away. Trust me, it is so much better when you do not anticipate anything going on.

    Chloe Hoyos ’23 and I being on “God’s Time” and not anticipating.  (Photo Provided by: Chloe Hoyos ’23)
  2. Keep an open mind: Out of the girls I have talked to about Kairos, a few are a smidge nervous. Be open to this idea of spending a few days away from your day-to-day life. Allow God, the leaders, and teachers to guide you on a path of reflection and growth. Many of you seem to be hesitant with this idea, but trust me, you need to be willing to try new things. Take a small leap of faith to let the magic of Kairos do its thing. Many participants in Kairos, including myself, and Rosary alumnae say this is a life-changing experience. After all, this is the 63rd one.
  3. Bundle Up: I know we are in the middle of fall, but in Oceanside, it gets pretty chilly at night. The blankets given to us are not the warmest, so I highly recommend bringing your own as well.
Look how happy we look on the last day of Kairos. We are ready to Live the Fourth. (Photo Provided by: Anabella Barretto ’23)

I am so excited for Kairos 63. Although all experiences are different, they all run parallel to changing our life for the better. Kairos is undoubtedly a must-go before you graduate. Seniors, those of you who didn’t sign up for this Kairos, I highly recommend you to attend the next one. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, please go to Kairos– you will not regret it.