FAFSA open now


Photo Credit: Camila Zavala

Rosary senior watches FAFSA’s informational video on how to fill out the application.

Camila Zavala, Staff Writer

Seniors, the FAFSA application is now open! On October 1, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid became available on the FAFSA website. 

FAFSA is widely used by high school seniors everywhere to submit applications for federal financial aid while they attend colleges and universities. Every year, the Student Aid program funds around $112 billion per year in grants, work-studies, and loans. Royals definitely need to take advantage of this opportunity for their educational careers post-Rosary.

Although some Royals may feel their financial situation may not meet the requirements for significant financial aid, FAFSA is free, easy to access, and takes less than a day to fill out with a parent or guardian. Over two million people receive FAFSA’s aid, and it is in every student’s best interest to apply, as thousands of students continue to apply daily.

Make sure to check the FAFSA requirements set by each individual college because they all have their own deadlines. Don’t wait until the last minute, as thousands of students continue to apply daily.