Spotify is better than Apple Music, here’s why


Spotify is better than Apple Music. (Photo Credit: Cadiz Salazar)

Cadiz Salazar, Supervising Editor

I am a music lover at heart. I have music that I listen to for all my different moods, vibes, aesthetics, and pleasures, as I believe everyone should. You can imagine the despair I’ve been facing these past two months since my Airpods were stolen in TSA and are off in God knows what part of the world. But, sorrows aside, I need my music to be curated in a very particular fashion, which is exactly why having an optimal streaming platform is oh-so important.

Layla Valenzuela ’23 showing her love for Spotify. (Photo Credit: Cadiz Salazar)

That leads me to the age old question: is Apple Music or Spotify better?

And to that I say, Spotify. Without a doubt.

Now, before this past week, I had never used Apple Music before and I figured, ‘How valid is my argument if I chose not to even use the platform?’ So, for the past seven days, I gave Apple Music a chance to prove me wrong and redeem itself — it failed, and here’s why.

To give Apple Music the benefit of the doubt, I’ll start with a few positives. First, artists Joni Mitchell and Neil Young had taken their music off of Spotify and it is able to be streamed on Apple Music. Being able to listen to both of their folk/rock discographies was so much fun and I truly enjoyed it. They’re really making Canada proud.

Emma Silva ’23, an avid Apple Music user, expressed, “Apple Music is better if you listen to more albums because it shows your recently played, everything is so much more accessible. If you’re looking for a specific artist in your library it’s organized better, the albums are organized better, it’s all conjiculated (a word created by Emma herself) with your playlist. It’s just better. Spotify is for people that are begging for attention, and I will die by that.” This is the only valid argument that I have ever heard for Apple Music. 

Another reason why I like Apple Music… actually, there are no other reasons why. That’s it. Maybe I’m just biased, but I felt it was difficult to navigate, not as fun to curate playlists, and harder to explore new songs and artists.

Now, without further ado, here is why I believe Spotify is the superior streaming platform.

Daily Weekly and Daily Mix

The Spotify algorithm is truly superior. Daily Weekly is a playlist that is curated specifically on the type of music you listen to and gives you suggestions of similar songs from artists that are similar to the ones you already listen to. Daily Mix creates playlists for you based on the your favorite common, there are six in total. It also embeds new songs with songs that you already like, creating playlists that fit all your different moods.  

My top 5 listened to artists on Spotify for 2021. (Photo Credit: Cadiz Salazar)

You don’t have to pay to use it

Sure, the phrase ‘want a break from the ads’ will be playing any other song, but you still have the opportunity to listen to songs! Also, having free Spotify builds character and gives you the opportunity to find new songs. If I didn’t have free Spotify my freshman year, my current music taste would be nonexistent since I discovered so many new artists and types of music! Unlike Apple Music, which forces you to pay no matter what. 

Spotify Wrapped

If Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day is your favorite holiday of the year, then your opinion is wrong. Spotify Wrapped is the most anticipated and best holiday of the year. It gives a recap of all of the music you listened to. It shows your top 5 songs, albums, artists, genres and what percentage listener you are for your top artist. For example, someone may be in the top .5% of Taylor Swift listeners. You can compare your Spotify Wrapped with others and flaunt your awesome music taste when you repost on Instagram. Spotify Wrapped is a true treat unlike anything else any other platform has to offer.

Another amazing part of Spotify wrapped. (Photo credit: Cadiz Salazar My top 5 listened to artists on Spotify for 2021. (Photo Credit: Cadiz Salazar)

Through Spotify has so much more to offer, these are my top three favorite things about the platform. I urge you, even if your family has an Apple Music Plan, to go and use Spotify. It’s an experience you will most definetly never regret.