Rosary Day advice from a senior!


Julia Clarke ’23 (left) and Juliet Cortez ’23 (right) celebrating at last year’s Rosary Day. (Photo provided by Julia Clarke)

Layla Langrell, Staff Writer

The day is almost here. Rosary Day was a tradition that I had looked forward to since I enrolled in Rosary. The day is filled with fun, memories, and so many pictures. I can say it was one of the best days of my life. However, there are some things that I wish I had known, and I am here to give you a guide through Rosary Day.

The first tip, and one of the most important, is for the underclassmen. The mass and ceremony are held outside and it gets very hot. When the sun is beating down on you for 4 hours, you get sunburned. My genius piece of advice is to wear sunblock. In my sophomore year, I had the most horrific farmer’s tan from my polo and a burned scalp. It made Disneyland very painful and tiring. Rosary Day is such a beautiful experience, and wearing sunblock makes sure you do not have a painful reminder of the outdoor mass.

My second tip is for the juniors. Make sure you do not bring your ring to Disneyland or at least bring the box and a place to put it. You do not want to lose your new class ring on Space Mountain. Senior Julia Clarke says, “Something that caused me a lot of stress last year at Disneyland was trying not to lose my ring. If you are not going to take pictures with your rings at Disneyland, do not bring them. You will lose them.”

Tip number three: practice walking around in your heels. I did not and was constantly worried that I would trip and fall right in front of everyone’s friends and family. “It helped a lot to practice in my heels because it made me less stressed for when everyone was watching,” says Cate Mastroni ’23. I do not wear heels, and if I had practiced as many people told me, I would have been less scared to walk on the stage on Rosary Day.

Morgan Brkich ’23 enjoying a pickle last year at Disneyland.
(Photo provided by Morgan Brkich)

Finally, my last tip is to make sure someone in your group brings a bag to Disneyland. I highly recommend bringing a bag with some essentials in it. The first thing in the bag should be a portable phone charger. Most likely, you will be at Disneyland all day, and it is very important your phone stays charged. From taking pictures all day and playing games while waiting for the rides, Disney drains your battery. If something happens, you will need your phone charged and ready to go. Samara DeLeon ‘23 says, “Everyone used my portable charger, it was a lifesaver. I highly recommend everyone brings one.” The next thing to pack in your bag is water and maybe some snacks. The water at Disneyland is so expensive and it gets hot when waiting in lines. Who wants to spend $5 on water when you could buy a churro instead? Bringing a bottle of water helps save money and helps fund other food adventures.

To all the juniors receiving their rings, I hope you have a smooth Rosary Day. With these tips, you are sure to have a great Rosary Day