It’s fall, y’all


Photo Credit: Sydney Rosario

Juliet Cortes ’23 at school giving the best autumn vibes.

Sydney Rosario, Staff Writer

After weeks of the unbearable heat wave, it is starting to feel like the perfect fall days.

Brown and orange leaves are falling and creating patterns on the concrete hallways, with a satisfying “crunch” sound underfoot. Autumn at Rosary is an unforgettable experience because Rosary gives the perfect fall vibes. To stay on theme with the autumn feel in the air, here is how Rosary makes us feel the fall:

The wooden podiums: In primarily every classroom, there is the beloved wooden podium that every teacher uses. As it stands at the perfect height, teachers place their teaching materials and laptops to educate the class. When I am daydreaming in religion class, my eyes rest on the scratches and rustic look of these functional wooden stands. Something about the chipped, homespun podiums are the best reminder that we are in the season of changing trees.

Sack lunches: I haven’t used a sack lunch in a while. But, something about these lunch pales of delicacies brings back a sense of nostalgia. The brown paper bags crinkle and rip in the ideal areas scream the homey feeling of fall. Just imagine opening this bag and retrieving a crunchy grilled cheese sandwich with a nice, warm, and creamy tomato soup. That comfort food screams fall.

Rosary’s old desks: Here me out: these desks are comfortable. The wood grains embellish the desk truly make Rosary feel like a second home. The subtle divots in the chairs make for the ideal back cracks and comfortable seating. The rustic look with the silver metal rods holding the foundation together pulls the architectural look and fall vibe together.

Me reenacting how I would daydream about the wooden podiums at school. (Photo Credit: Alexandra Bohn)

Senior khaki pants: A cozy college sweatshirt paired with the classic Rosary khaki pants is the most Christian-girl autumn outfit one can have at school. Especially with the collared uniform shirts peeking through the sweatshirt, this has fall written all over it.

The gate near the front office: This yellow-orange gate that surrounds the school’s perimeter serves us in two ways: it protects us and gives us the perfect fall school look. Something about the rows of trees with their leaves falling seems so peaceful. In fact, Rosary can start a pumpkin patch right in front of the gates. If you ever want to know what a Hallmark card looks like, take a field trip to see Greg, our security guard. The setting is picture-perfect.

Besides the unpredictable weather, fall is officially underway, and at the Academy, this is the perfect place to be.