Friday Night Lights from a cheerleaders perspective


Rosary Cheer kicks off the first game with great energy and big smiles as their stunts hit. (Photo Provided by @rosarycheerleading on Instagram)

Victoria Gomez, Staff Writer

As a Rosary Cheerleader, it is a part of our responsibility to cheer at every Servite Football game. Oh, and I mean EVERY football game—rain or shine! Perfect example: just last Friday, both the cheer and dance teams were drenched by the rain.

Let me take you along the thoughts that go on in my head while cheering under the Friday night lights.

Let’s get this show on the road”

I have to admit, cheering after a long day of school can be very exhausting. Somehow, we manage to find the energy to stand and perform for three hours—without even taking a nap! Before the game starts, it’s time to warm up, and I am already a quarter into my water bottle, sweating as I wear a black, long-sleeve, polyester uniform.

Finally, it’s time to line up for the team’s bag pipe entrance. Keep Smiling, shake pom poms, and rally back to your line. Now, it is officially time to start this…

Are we on offense or defense?

The cheer and dance teams create fun memories as they keep the crowd energetic while cheering in the rain. (Photo Provided by @rosarycheerleading on Instagram)

During the game, we are standing at the same level as the field, so you’d think we’d have a good view. Sometimes, that’s not the case. The Friars are always on the opposite side of the field, and it’s hard to determine if we are on offense or defense. So, I ask my fellow teammates, who may have a better view, who has the ball. I have to know which one it is because it’s my job as a captain to call the cheers! We always manage to call the right ones. Within the blink of an eye, halftime has come up, so that means its time for a little performance.


Phew wee mama

After a total of nearly three and a half hours of cheering, the game has finally come to an end. The boys have finished the hut drill and, they come over near the Asylum for prayer with the stench of sweaty Servite boys wafting in the air. Being able to see my football friends on the field and give them hugs is something I always look forward to. I am there to encourage and support my friends, win or lose.

With this being my last football season, being a cheerleader and being able to watch the Friday night football games from the field for the past three years has been so much fun! Although it is different from being up in the stands cheering our Servite Friars on, being on the field is a whole different experience that I greatly enjoy.