Introducing Ms. Rivera


Photo Provided by: Ms. Rivera

Introducing Ms. Rivera

Christina Vaughan, Staff Writer

A new school year means new teachers, and among these new faces is Ms. Rivera Rosary’s newest ASL teacher. Behind the doors of room 104, Royals from all grades are being taught by the wonderful Ms. Rivera.

I got the opportunity to meet and interview Ms. Rivera so all of you could learn a little more about her.


Q: Why did you choose to teach (ASL)?

A: I decided to teach because I’m a believer in education and I want to spread awareness about deafness.

Q: Why did you decide to teach at Rosary?

A: Because it’s an all girls school. I’m a supporter of women’s empowerment and I feel like teaching can bring people together.

Q: If you could go anywhere, where would you go, and why?

A: Bora bora, because I think no one really lives there and I’m used to being in big cities packed with lots of people. It would be a nice change of scenery.

Q: What hobbies do you enjoy?

A: I enjoy scrapbooking. It allows me to be expressive and creative.

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: Yes, I have a pug named Sweetheart, she’s twelve-years-old and visually challenged.

Ms. Rivera and her adorable pug, Sweetheart, on a car ride (Photo Provided by: Ms. Rivera)

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: I know I’m going to get judged for this, but, “Toy Story”. I can watch it over and over again, I’m obsessed, I guess it’s kind of comforting.

Q: What are you looking forward to during your career at Rosary?

A: I’m looking forward to seeing my students retain information and watching them use those skills in the real world. If you are a student in my class, I want you to express yourself, and use your creativity. So my class doesn’t feel like a chore. I want my students to be excited.


Rosary’s faculty and students are so excited to welcome our newest member of our family, Ms.