A letter to the class of 2026


This is a photo of the amazing journalism team at Rosary. (Photo provided by: Keira Sarni)

Lauren Cottrell, Staff Writer

To the incoming Class of 2026,

When deciding on what I’d like to write as my final article, my last submission on the incredible website that is the Royal Reporter, I remembered that back in 2018 (as a freshly graduated 8th grader) I used to search through Rosary’s RR posts and imagine life as a high schooler. This thought saddened me a little; I realized I would never get to meet the incredible new class of freshmen that would be joining us next year. Suddenly, I had an epiphany. My final article would be to you (the freshies). So that, in a way, I was able to meet some of you (even if only by article).  

While starting at a brand new school may be intimidating, I have a few tips and tricks to have the best time at Rosary over the next 4 years!

This is a photo of Trinitas’ production of the Sound of Music.
(Photo provided by: Giovanna Watson)

To start off, I cannot emphasize enough to be involved. Join sports teams, make clubs, or audition for the Trinitas musicals! While at Rosary I’ve been a part of the swim, triathlon, dance, and mock trial teams. I’ve also done a couple Trinitas shows as well. Get as much as you can out of your Rosary experience because I promise it flies by quickly. 

Next, take classes you enjoy! Don’t feel pressure to take an honors math or science class purely for the GPA boost. Now, as a journalism student, I’m biased towards the language arts

This is a photo of my friends and I at Kairos.
(Photo provided by: Lauren Cottrell)

of course. However, regardless of if you enjoy STEM or humanities classes, you should enroll in classes that you find interesting. My biggest regret is never taking Rosary’s songwriting class with Mr. Rodriguez, but, with my packed schedule of AP classes, it never fit in. Your time at Rosary will be a million times better if you take classes you like rather than what will look good on your college apps.

Make friends! Branch outside of your friend circle and try to get to know your classmates. I loved Kairos because I was able to grow close to some of my peers that I had never really talked to before. Take advantage of having time left at Rosary and make those connections before it is too late!

This is a photo of my friend and I at a Rosary rally. (Photo Credit: Francesca Passafiume)

Lastly, don’t stress. I know movies may portray high school as the greatest time of one’s life: with everyone bursting into song sporadically and cute Zac Efronesque boys serenading you after winning the championship game. However, in reality, high school is a combination of highs and lows. Don’t feel pressure to have the perfect high school experience. Live in the moment and I promise when your 4 years at Rosary come to an end, you wouldn’t change a thing when reflecting on your time in high school.

That’s all the advice I can give you future Royals. Lauren Cottrell ‘22 signing off.