AAPI Instagram artists


Photo Credit: @solicole on Instagram

Miss Olivia Rodrigo in all her glory.

Chelsea Bartilad, Staff Writer

The Asian American and Pacific Islander community is full of many diverse cultures and people. Today, we are able to showcase our talents as well as cultures on multiple online platforms to the public. So, in honor of AAPI Heritage Month, I decided to share four AAPI artists on Instagram.


jahahoque (@jahahoque)

Jahanara Hoque is a Bengali illustrator based in Virginia. Her art style consists of fun, bright colors often portraying hijabs, characters, commissions, and OC’s (original characters). What I love about her account is that her artwork consists of people that don’t fit many Asian beauty standards, but they still remain to look amazing.

An illustration of a beautiful women with vitiligo. (Photo Credit: @jahahoque on Instagram)


Suhenna creations (@suhenna_creations)

Based in Vegas, this account does personalized henna art for weddings as well as henna letters. Their videos show them working on their art while also talking about various topics such as cultural appropriation and fun facts about henna.


Solicole (@solicole)

Of course, me being me, I have to include a fellow Filipina. Nicole is a Filipina American artist whose art consists of well-known Asian characters, food, and Filipino deities. It’s fun learning more about our culture while also appreciating someone’s talents. 


Heartovercrown (@heartovercrown)

IndoFijian artist Shayma Kuver takes influence from her culture and incorporates them into her artwork. Through it, she portrays stories of her family, American influence on Fiji, and pride of her heritage.

“One of the most meaningful things the sun symbolizes for me is clarity. Bad or good, wrong or right-I appreciate knowing.”- Shayma Kuver (Photo Credit: @heartovercrown on Instagram)


Overall, these are just a few talented AAPI artists you should check out and consider supporting. With a few days left of AAPI Heritage Month left, there’s still loads to do to support the community, from educating yourself on these respected cultures to supporting AAPI businesses and influencers.


And with that, I hope you enjoy the rest of your AAPI Heritage Month.