A flashback for the books


Just a captured spitting image of our crazy Journalism class that I will never forget. (Photo by Elizabeth Martinez)

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

Wow. I always knew this day would come but never believed it, and I’m finding it hard to grasp that I am not still a freshman. Looking back, as a freshman, I did not know where to go, what to do, or whom to trust. All I could do was make the best of this crazy all-girls’ high school experience.

When I say crazy, I mean crazy. But crazy in the best way possible. As short as the time seems, I definitely have come a long way and developed after so many different circumstances, such as mentally in school, physically in sports, and finally learning to open up and share my true feelings with “my fellow sisters.”

Along the way, I have made some fun best friends. I will forever especially miss my besties in journalism, specifically Colleen Schmitt, Emma Oskorus, Mandy Puga, and also my own sister Kathleen Martinez who is an amazing addition to the royal reporter.

Starting off with Colleen. My Coco loco coco puff, you are one true charm. The first time I met you was randomly in the LEC my sophomore year. It was at that moment I realized you were actually funny and I always hoped I would get the chance to be your friend. Fast forward a couple of years, and I feel like we have gotten so close. Every day you never fail to make me go a little insane, but in the best way. You are so caring, determined, competitive, and so athletic it’s intimidating. I can write all day about how cool you are but if I had to say one thing to you it is to please NEVER change. You are too amazing inside and out, and your opinions about everything in life don’t go unnoticed. You are important, independent, and one of the strongest juniors out there. I love ya dude and I will miss all our class times together.

Even though you have my mom’s name, stay original coco.
(Photo by Elizabeth Martinez)

Next, this one goes out Emma Oskorus. Where do I begin? Girl we have been through thick and thin from being cross country besties now to reporting besties. There are not enough words to say how much you mean to me! Your positivity lights up every room and no matter what, we can laugh and laugh anywhere and anytime. I genuinely want you to know how much God blessed me with a friend like you. Please just live up the rest of your time here and never forget to reach out to me anytime. I know we will remain friends outside of this, and I love you beyond words. Hopefully, in the future, we will be sitting in desks next to each other once again, but this time while working at the Oppenheim Real Estate group in Newport together lol.

Emma and I stay besties for the resties!
(Photo by Elizabeth Martinez)

Next Mandy Puga. Oh, Mandy. You were reading reading my articles before you were even a freshman. Little did I know you would come into journalism and become my little best friend. You have a passion for life that gives me life hahaha. I could not be more thankful that we became close. Also not to mention you are extremely talented. From being a cross country champ, I was always dumbfounded how you were so good. Your spirit and drive will always inspire me. Even though I’m leaving soon, don’t forget about me and know I am always here to play the big sister. Please never change your heart. I love you so much and without a doubt, I am so excited to see where you go in life.

Just the best blurry picture of Mandy and I.
(Photo by Elizabeth Martinez)

Last but definitely not least I guess, my dear sister Kathleen. You are not only my built-in best friend but also kind of my built-in clone. Even though I see myself in you, I love how you differ and are your own true self no matter what. Just know that however much we fight and will fight over all our clothes and makeup when I leave, I will always share my heart with you. I believe you are my other half and I hate that cheesy stuff (literally) but I really do appreciate everything you do for me. I will miss having journalism with you but please live my legacy in this class out for me. Just kidding but you are so skilled and always remember how much I will miss counting on you for getting me water, doing chores for me, and especially putting up with my sass. All I can say is I love you and live out your senior year to the fullest.

Sisters by chance friends definitely by choice.
(Photo by Elizabeth Martinez)

As much fun as I had in my two years of journalism I want to say a big last thank you to Ms. Barclay for teaching me to love writing and allowing me to take a class that I am passionate about. I appreciate you so much and thank you for the past few years.

As much as I would love to write about this whole class and how much everyone means to me, I just want to let anyone reading this know how much I appreciate you for reading my articles and allowing me to go on in my studies for journalism. Thank you to all and cannot express enough gratitude. I will miss my favorite class so much, but never forget all the fun, weird, and crazy times we have had as a class. As much as I don’t want to say this I must: farewell and goodbye everyone. This is Liz officially signing off.