Ditch day at Disney


The Disney Ditchers having a great time in line for Midway Mania. (Photo Provided by Giovana Watson)

Giovana "Jojo" Watson, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, May 17, many Rosary students were sitting in Mass along with their classmates except two students. That day, senior Katie Thomas and I were at the happiest place on earth on a school-approved ditch day with Patty Buehler and Frankie Marrone.

We started the day bright and early at 8:30 when a friend of Patty and Frankie signed us in, giving us a limited number of fast passes to use in both parks. Like any seasoned Disney veteran, we went straight to Star Wars Land to get on Rise of the Resistance. The wait time was 80 minutes, but after about two hours of waiting, we found out that the ride was broken and tried our luck at Big Thunder Mountain, which was also a bust. Later, we went on Indiana Jones with a bucket of popcorn and a corn dog, which surprisingly didn’t break down. We learned from Frankie that if you pay attention enough to the orchestration on the ride, it “hits the hits” to match with what’s going on in the ride. If any can make fire and giant snakes Broadway, it’s Frankie.

Me before I get my butt kicked by Katie Thomas ’22 on Midway Mania. (Photo Provided by Giovana Watson)

We worked our way through Tomorrowland, stopped for pizza, and walked across to California Adventure. There we went to the pier to eat lunch, where we discovered that the Boudin mac-n-cheese is more cheese than anything. After a carb-heavy lunch, we rode Midway Mania, where I got my butt handed to me by Katie. If you want a challenge, ride with her on Midway Mania. After that, we rode Incredicoaster and Soaring Over The World. A fun trick for Incredicoaster, next time you go and it’s time for the loop, look out towards the pier and watch it flip upside down! Before we knew it, it was time. The moment we had been waiting for.

The ever-elusive Club 33.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse wave to the Disney Ditchers from the opening float of the Main Street Electrical Parade. (Photo Provided by Giovana Watson)

The same friend that signed us into the club. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to take a lot of pictures, but should you ever go to Club 33, the burger, tropical storm drink, and the grasshopper sundae are the most immaculate combination you will ever have. We were in the lounge, listening to a live jazz band and having some of the best food and drinks I have ever experienced. Everything about it embodied the Disney magic we know and love.

After about two hours in heaven, we left the club and made our way to our reserved seats for the Electrical Parade, which I hadn’t seen in a few years and is making another grand return. It was one of the most serotonin-inducing experiences I had had in a long time.

Sadly, our time at the park ended shortly after the parade, but I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who made the day so incredible.