Goodbye Rosary, hello college


(Photo Credit: Skylar Cooper)

Ms. Lanctot and I after final exams.

Skylar Cooper, Staff Writer

Although my time here at Rosary was short, and I didn’t get the full 4-year experience here, I feel very happy to know I was a part of this community. These past two years have been tough, but my friends and teachers have helped me along the way.

Here at Rosary, I discovered my college major with the help of Ms. Lanctot. By taking her Anatomy and Physiology class junior year, and taking her Sports Medicine class this year, I was inspired. I will be majoring in Health Promotions and Exercise Science and hopefully become a physical therapist or an athletic trainer.

Ms. Barclay and Mr. Stegink have helped me strengthen my reading and writing skills over these past two years. I hope to be apart of my college’s school newspaper next year. Ms. Barclay has helped me understand the ways of writing and I’m grateful for her help. Mr. Stegink has helped me become more extroverted and outgoing in class. I would also like to thank Ms. Kam, who came here as well after Connelly closed. She has helped me grow in my knowledge of Spanish and Mexican culture. With their help, I hope to make new friends in college.

Cornelia Connelly High school will always have a place in my heart. My two years there were amazing and heartwarming to remember. Rosary Academy opened its doors for me, therefore I am thankful for my achievements here.

I will miss Maurice dearly, seeing him every morning was always a great way to start my day. However, I will NOT miss having to park in the Rosary parking lot and walking up the long parking lot to campus.

I will miss these yellow hallways and the locker lined halls. The rainy days and huddling under the stairs. The sunny spot on the stairs where I used to eat my lunch. I will miss lying in the library and flex days. I will miss running to my classes even though I will always be five minutes early. I will miss my friends, all these people I have come to love and know. And lastly, I will miss writing for the Royal Reporter.

This is Skylar Cooper, staff writer, signing off.