The Sound of Music review


The cast of The Sound of Music posing before their final show (Photo Credit: Anna DiCrisi)

Brooke Kizziar, Sports Editor

The Trinitas community has just put on their final show of the 2021-2022 school year, “The Sound of Music.” I had the opportunity to see this show two times and watch both casts. Below is my take on the show.

Before I begin, both casts were equally filled with so much talent and received so much praise, so everything I say pertains to both casts.

The show opened with a beautiful chorus of nuns singing in the chapel. It was so calming and peaceful. It felt like I was in a real chapel. Our beloved seniors Katie Thomas and Anna DiCrisi were given the lead roles as Maria. Let me tell you, these girls live, breathe, and eat talent. Their voices are angelic, and the way they portrayed this motherly and gentle character of Maria was just too perfect. They looked so beautiful in every costume and seeing my two girls in a gorgeous wedding dress brought a tear to my eye every time. I do not know anyone else who could better portray Maria like these two.

Let me talk really quick about senior Grace Horezcko. If you know Grace, you would know music and singing are her passions in life. She played Mother Abbess, the head nun of the chapel who was like a mentor to Maria. During her big song right before intermission, she is telling Maria to follow her heart and to “climb every mountain” until she finds her dream. The song ends with her belting a very high note as the spotlight is slowly closing in on her face. Her song made me cry and many others shed a tear over the sound of her music. She received a standing ovation every time.

Moving on, the von Trapp children were just so precious. I don’t know where these talented little eight-year-olds came from, but everyone’s eyes were glued on these kids every time they came on stage. Every single person on stage from Maria to the ensemble were so amazing. I forgot I was watching a high school production.

Now of course, no show can possibly happen without the work of the stage crew. The audio, the lighting, and the sets were perfected to a tee. The von Trapp house set was AMAZING! It was two stories with two beautiful staircases going to the second level. The first time it came onstage, everyone gasped upon seeing it.

Here are the thoughts of others who were able to see the show. Senior Daly Holman says, “I got to enjoy the show twice and let me say, my ears have never been so blessed. Right after I saw the show, I immediately went home to watch the movie and reminisce on the beautiful show.”

Senior Evelyn LeVecke says, “I have been waiting to see this show since they announced they were doing it! To say I was excited was a major understatement. It was everything and more!”

I can say with full confidence, this is the best show I have ever seen from Trinitas. If you missed the chance to see this show, you truly missed out on something beautiful.