Advice to seniors from Rosary Teachers


We are 15 days away from graduation! (Photo taken from Google under via the Creative Commons License )

As we are now approaching the end of our senior year and going onto a new part of our life, we are going to face many challenges and obstacles. Our teachers at Rosary have already experienced college and are here to help us and give advice that we can use.

Religion teacher Mrs. Flati states, “If you are going to date, set the bar high, then be that amazing person you want to find. Find a mentor that inspires you and pushes you to be better. Grow your faith, make it a priority to attend Mass, find a Bible study (or better yet start one), and invite your friends to join you. Call home, remember that you are never alone, and that you have a family and community that loves and supports you.”

Mrs. Hunt says, “Remember to always keep your head up! Struggles will happen…face them head on and know you will get past it! Remember how smart you are, how wonderful you are, and how much you mean to everyone around you!”

Mrs. D’Alba, the senior religion teacher shared, “I think the advice I gave my children served them well. Do not burn your bridges, treat everyone you meet as a precious jewel. When others are mean to you, kill them with kindness.”

Mrs. Jenkins, our Women’s History teacher states, “Take a Women’s History class! Do not let your voice be diminished in any educational or professional setting with the addition of men! VOTE!”

Ms. Barclay, an English teacher said, “Academically, try some new classes you wouldn’t normally think of taking and stay organized. If you feel a little lost, remember that many others are too. Most of all, remember college is supposed to be fun.”

We are going to face many new challenges and have new opportunities, but it’s good to know our teachers, families, and friends are here to support us.