Girls vs. boys: prom prep edition


A group of Servite boys (who probably got dressed around 4:30 pm) pose for a picture before prom. (Photo Provided by Daly Holman)

Daly Holman

Thursday: it’s getting close.

That’s right ladies. Prom is officially 3.5 days away. Now, this might seem like a solid amount of time to some people, but in reality, this is nothing. These next three days are going to FLY by, and it is time to pick up the pace. You know what you need to do. Go to those hair and nail appointments, pick up your dress from the tailor, and finalize the jewelry selection: we can do it.

Pictured: a real description of what boys do to get ready for school dances. (Photo Provided by Daly Holman)

Let’s do a little check-in with our boys. It is a fine Thursday morning and the sun is shining bright. Have you asked your date to prom yet? Hopefully. Have you asked your mom what you are wearing? Hopefully. Do you realize that prom is 3.5 days away? Hopefully.

Friday: it’s getting really close.

Okay, girls, it might be time to panic a little. But it is going to be okay. Lay out your dresses and shoes (make sure to bring ones to change into for the dance) and take a deep breath. I know that you have probably cried, I know that you have probably yelled. The beauty Olympics are so close and we just need to hold on for two days longer.

Boys. There is nothing to say.

Saturday: it’s go time.

Let’s go ladies. We are t-minus 1 day until the biggest day of the year. All prep SHOULD be done, and at this point, all we have to do is pray for a good morning skinny and for our jade rollers to be effective. Keep it up girls, let’s do this.


This is my prediction of what Brooke Kizziar ’22 will look like during her 9 a.m. prom morning cry. (Photo Provided by Daly Holman)

Sunday: it’s game day.

8:00 am. It is game day. For the past 365 days, we have prepped for this moment.

9:00 am. Yoga to ease the mind/ a mild cry to let out emotions.

10:00 am. Hair appointment.

12:00 pm. A quick lunch.

1:00 pm. Makeup.

3:00 pm. Get dressed.

3:30 pm. Pray that you like your photos.

4:00 pm. Let the night begin.

A group of Rosary seniors pause getting ready to take a quick picture. (Photo Provided by Evelyn LeVecke)

Boys: Get dressed at approximately 4:30 pm. Let the night begin.