Trinitas wins big at California State Thespian Festival!


Trinitas students alongside Mr. Marrone smile outside the Highlander Theater during the weekend (Photo Provided by Lauren Cottrell ‘22)

Lauren Cottrell and Giovanna Watson

This past weekend, Trinitas’ Thespian Troupe #4566 traveled to Upland High School to participate in the annual California State Thespian Festival. All of the troupe members who came on this trip competed in various on and offstage categories against several other high school troupes in the state.


This season, multiple Trinitas members placed in the top 3 for their performances:


Sophia Kondo ’22         1st          Stage Management

Bridgette Sanders ’23   3rd         Musical Group

Katie Thomas ’22          3rd         Musical Group

Grace Horeczko ’22      3rd         Musical Group

Lauren Cottrell ’22        3rd         Musical Theatre Dance Solo

Layla Valenzuela ’23     3rd         Musical Theatre Solo

Bridgette Sanders ’23   3rd         Musical Theatre  Solo


Sophia Kondo ‘22, shared her experience of winning first place for stage management in the state: “I think the best part of winning first was making my troupe proud and the incredible support I felt from our amazing troupe. The experience overall exceeded my expectations. I loved talking to people I never talked to much before. I also loved the small moments like when we were waiting to leave at 10:00 p.m., those of us who were left just piled on the grass together, and I honestly haven’t laughed harder.”

Trinitas students display their Marrone Tonys after a successful weekend. (Photo Provided by Anna DiCrisi ‘22)

Grace Horeczko ‘22 shares her reaction to the Thespy Awards, stating, “I was so excited when I heard that Katie, Bridgette, and I placed for our performance in ‘At the Ballet!’ All of our hard work payed off!”


Thespians also participated in several workshops that focused on various aspects of the performing arts, such as musical theater dance and stage combat. Isabella Gutierrez ’23 said, “I loved taking workshops and bonding with people. I semi-learned how to juggle, so that alone made it amazing.” Also included in the weekend were Broadway panels with performers and stage techs from “Wicked” and the Los Angeles cast of “Hamilton” where students were able to have their burning questions answered by true professionals in the theater community.


Many Trinitas Arts students also received “Superior” scores for their performances, meaning they received a score of 21/24 or above from all 3 judges:


Anna DiCrisi ’22             Solo Monologue

Lauren Cottrell ’22         Solo Musical

Katie Thomas ’22           Solo Musical

Giovana Watson ’22      Solo Musical

Layla Valenzuela ’22      Solo Musical

Bridgette Sanders ’22    Solo Musical

Sophia Kondo ’22           Stage Management


The 2022 State Thespian Festival was an incredible experience and according to Trinitas’ Executive Artistic Director Mr. Frankie Marrone, “Trinitas is back!”